You’ll ACTUALLY want these salads | What I eat in a day healthy vegan salads


I can’t say that salads are the thing that anyone really wants to gravitate towards, but there’s so many health benefits + the variations you can make are truly endless.

Today, I’m sharing 3 healthy salad options for the summer to keep you going. These are salads that I actually love and get me to eat more greens.

Check out these ideas and let me know which one you try (it should be all 3).

★Recipes Used★

🌱 High Protein Vegan Kale Salad

🌱 Vegan Arugula Salad with Chickpeas, Avocado and Cherry Tomatoes

🌱 Vegan Taco Salad

🌱 Vegan Sunflower Seed Meat

🌱Homemade Vegan Parmesan


00:00 How to Make Vegan Salads You’ll Love
00:01 High Protein Vegan Kale Salad
2:04 High Protein Vegan Kale Salad Finished
2:10 Salads For Every Need
5:35 Why you have to season all the layers of your salad
6:10 Why you should wash your kale
7:15 Vegan Taco Salad
9:15 Vegan Taco Salad Finished
9:20 Do you eat the rainbow?
13:25 Vegan Arugula Salad
13:55 Vegan Arugula Salad Finished
14:00 How salads can help you save money
16:30 Creating a salad formula

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  1. "A little dirt won't hurt."
    Tetanus bacteria is in the soil, just read the first 10 lines
    In my country restaurants must have a separate room for all vegetables [all kinds of onions, potatoes, all roots, sallads, cabbages] that were in contact with soil. They have to be cleaned and washed there.
    I am getting the creeps when I see people on YouTube putting an onion on the chopping board, taking off the peel and cutting it on the same place. Or peeling a carrot on the chopping board and chopping it on the same board.
    And next they are cutting a chicken breast on the same spot.

  2. just a side note for any one that suffers from hypothyroidism….raw , kale, broccoli, cabage ….is bad for you, it will inhibit your tyroid function and intrrfere with your medication, eat only coked and even then it is recomended in moderation these type of vegtables

  3. I was really interested in subscribing to your video. Instead I decided to subscribe to Alexander Anderson because although she has an accent, I still after 3 videos don't know where she's from. She has a curry recipe and I still don't know. I just don't appreciate people who find ways to hate on African Americans. That's Yankee to you.

  4. Very nice editing, love the silencious music xD
    Go Vegan Go ! Looking great btw!
    I dont eat much salad, i put all my greens in the stew soups or pasta
    or munch them with humus with vegies. — Greens goes EASY in pasta, they melt in the sauce and the pasta, you dont even feel it and you can trow tons.they become even delicious texture to get used to. spicy is nice too cause hot stuff isnt caloric usualy

  5. 5:46 Tiny bit of salt….I knew it…his food is nasty!!! Yall are going to need a fist full of salt for kale…🤗 Carry on next salad 🤢 please. Lmaoo I hate salads but need to eat more since I'm kind of a vegan. Good content…we need quicker on the go meals please and thank you.

  6. Humbly appreciate your kind gesture Dr Ekan on YouTube, you have always able to help with any health issues , the herpes virus was something the world thought has no cure but I'm happy to say today that I've been cured and I'm glad to have you as my doctor .

  7. Hi!

    Those kale steems… you didn´t bin them, right? They can be cooked/fried like green asparagus, you can chop them in a stir fry or put them in a smoothie.

    I am a level X-pert salad eater and I love kale. I could eat salads for all my meals, always I neeeeed fresh veggies and fruit to function. Veggies and even more fruit are not as expensive here is Sweden.

    Where I live in Sweden over 90% of all kale (alot) that in sold and distributed all over the country grows. To get raw kale really nice massage it with some oil and salt/herb salt. We have a special kale salad on our vegetarian/vegan christmas table. It´s just massages kale, pomegranate, diced orange and chopped roasted almonds or walnuts. You can stew it to, same way as with spinage, add nutmeg if you like that. Or… make a smoothie with banana, apple, lemon juice and kale. Add some ginger if you like that or… yes, it sounds strange… vanilla! kale and vanilla is a good combo.