YOU WONT BELIEVE THIS!! (VEGAN TRIPE) #vegan #veganrecipes


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Written detailed recipe on Wednesday, 30th March 2022.

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  1. Concerning plant based living: for me it is about reducing animal cruelty as much as humanly possible and not saying there is one size to fit all people in all parts of the world. Countries have different economies, climates and resources. If you live in a big city full of vegan options, then for you it may be very easy to be plant based in all aspects (food, clothing, transport, etc). But if you live in the middle of nowhere in a rural setting where only animal transportation is available, then that is the only option you have or to use an animal to help in the farming to plough the fields. Many of the developed countries today at one point used to have horses, donkeys or camels as the main means of movement before other forms became available. No matter the place however, often times, if animals can survive there, then it means that some plants can grow there too. So there should not be an excuse to minimize animal cruelty no matter the location. There should be a way to consume as much plant based products as possible.

  2. this is super creative–but just wondering do we know that the result of that fermentation process is safe? usually fermentation is done under controlled conditions, with raw veg, and with salt and brine to make it safe, like sauerkraut in an anaerobic environment..? or maybe because this is put in the fridge its ok and not actually fermented, just the flavors mixing? thanks

  3. Thank you for this. I really appreciate your message to remind me that my veganism really does come from a place of privilege that millions in the world do not have. We all need to recognize that to be vegan is to do the best that is possible and practicable to avoid animal exploitation. Thank you for this video and the discussions you have evoked.