You Won’t Believe How Much Protein These Easy Desserts Have | What I Eat in a Day Vegan Desserts


When you think of protein, dinner is usually the first thing that comes to mind; however, you can get protein from plants no matter the time of day or what course it is and I’m here today to prove that to you!

These two delicious, easy, and healthy vegan dessert ideas will blow your mind with how much protein you can get from just a vegan dessert recipe.

Both are great if you want to meal prep them as well!

Check out these ideas and let me know in the comments which one your most excited to try!

★Recipes Used★

🌱 Healthy Black Bean Brownies – 5g protein per brownie

🌱 Vegan No Bake Chocolate Pie – 9g protein per slice


00:00 Easy Vegan High Protein Desserts
00:01 How to Make Healthy Vegan Black Bean Brownies Oil Free, Gluten Free
1:28 Healthy Vegan Black Bean Brownies Finished
1:34 My favorite food in the whole world
2:51 Are black bean brownie actually good
3:30 Why you need to dry beans for brownies
3:55 Why almond butter and what are alternatives
4:45 How to get even more protein into brownies
5:35 How to Make No Bake Vegan Chocolate Pie
6:55 No Baked Vegan Chocolate Pie Finished
7:00 How to Make This “Healthier”
7:45 Why Silken Tofu
8:38 Can I replace the cashews
9:15 Protein and Plant based Diets

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  1. I've been wanting to do a bean brownie recipe but I can't eat beans. No matter what I do to the beans, they give me terrible gas. But, I just recently found out about tepary beans through Ramona Farms. I just ordered some and will give them a try, they are not suppose to produce gas like regular beans/legumes. If they work, then I will try this recipe…looks good!

  2. Those brownies… Wondering how dates might be incorporated. Dates would certainly kick up to gooowy factor and natural sweetness. This recipe also has me wondering why I spend $37 on a jug of Michigan maple syrup! UGH! And… You had me at the second round of chips on top :). I was like…. YAAAAAAASSSSS Andrew! Your story reminded me of the Rupert Holmes Escape song…. Do you like beeeeeeeaaaaaaan brownies bum bum and gettin' caught in the rain? BAHAHAHAHAHA! It also reminded me of Michigans Mackinac Island and watching people make fudge through the shop window at the end of the tourist season. Don't worry friend, I would share my umbrella. Walnuts would add more protein and a healthy dose of Omega 3's. The pie…. You had me at a bag of chips, cashews and chill… PEEEAAAAAAACCCCCE!