YOU SAVE $300?! KETO FLOUR RECIPE (All-Purpose) 1:1 with Regular Flour


Hey ya’ll,

In today’s video I’m showing you the recipe I adapted from Victoria’s Keto Kitchen’s keto all-purpose flour that could save you anywhere from $100-300 a year!
(Her original recipe:

It’s still low carb, gluten free, and sugar free!

It was works just as well, with a few minor differences that I’ll discuss.
But it’s still a keto 1:1 flour blend that you can substitute in almost any recipe to get shockingly good results!
Stick around to the end of the video because I’ll discuss the comparisons between the two, carb counts, and money you could save!

I hope you use this flour and it works great (and the extra money in your pocket blesses you)!

(If a recipe you’re using it in calls for baking soda/powder or cream of tarter, you do not need to add them. Just leave them out. This will keep until one the ingredients expires (whichever one is earliest). This recipe is good for cakes, cookies, savory foods (like fried chicken, thickening gravy, etc.) and pastries. If you’re using it for bread recipes, you can use the cheap version of her self-rising flour that I will be posting soon!)


-392 g Almond Flour
-67g Oat Fiber
-70 g Whey Protein Powder (Unflavored)
-13 g Xanthan Gum
-42 g Baking Powder

Total Carbs:

-139.33g carbs per batch, or
22.3g per cup

Net Carbs:

-30.33 g carbs per batch, or
4.9g carbs per cup


Combine all ingredients in separate bowl and mix thoroughly with a whisk, then sift (sifting is optional, but highly recommended) into air-tight storage container.


6.25 cups per batch
(1 cup= 93 grams)

Ingredients I used:
-Almond flour:
-Oat fiber:
-Whey Protein Isolate, Unflavored:
-(More expensive protein powder):
-Xanthan Gum:
-Xanthan Gum (Amazon/similar price per ounce):
-Baking Powder:
-Baking Powder (Amazon/similar price per ounce):

Products I use:
-Flour storage containers:
-Digital scale:
-Cup Measure:
-The Island I use:

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  1. Thanks so much for this video! I was wondering if anyone tried the recipe with different brands than Victoria. I have everything needed at home but didn't want to try it if it wasn't going to work out and the ingredients would be wasted. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Thanks for the video. I'm looking forward to seeing this private label flour tested some more on a variety of things to see how it compares with the original. Something to consider if you use a lot of egg white powder, you can buy it in bulk to help you reduce your cost.

  3. Don’t know if you saw this Charlotte or other subscribers. Not long after you posted this video, Victoria’s kitchen did a little demo of why her keto ap flour is better. With the addition of egg white protein, as opposed to just whey powder. Victoria took two cups, filled one with just the whey powder mixture and one with her ap egg white mixture. Added some water and microwaved. The cup with the egg whites rose substantially, and had shape. The whey powder didn’t. But this is actually misleading. I would have added a tsp of pasteurized egg whites to the whey powder cup. That would give it structure, and I’m sure it would have rose and kept it’s shape. I always have cartons of pasteurized egg whites on hand. Would be fun for you to do the same experiment. But add pasteurized egg whites to the whey powder mixture and see the results. I might give it a go as well. Oh and fyi…you can buy whey powder, well at least here in Canada, with xanthan gum already in it. So one less ingredient to buy.

  4. using whey protein isolate is cheaper but people should know that whey protein (specifically whey!) will raise your blood sugar very fast, it is not like other proteins, so if one cares about that (diabetic or insulin resistant) should avoid it.

  5. So you've tried two different recipes with your flour? What types of recipes were they? Cookies, cake, cinnamon rolls? Just looking for the general category of recipe that you used…

    I made 90 second bread with Victorias mix and it tasted like eggs. I cut it in half and then made it into a grilled cheese sandwich. It tasted like an egg mcmuffin. Maybe it wouldn't have been egg tasting if i didn't toast it or if i used keto jam or something with a string flavor to cover up the egg taste. It didn't have an eggy texture though.

    Whey protein doesn't have binding qualities like eggs. I'm wondering if using a little bit of egg white powder and a little bit of whey protein would give a nice balance. I've been doing keto for over 4 years ago I've tried a LOT of recipes and flour mixture subs.

    I look forward to seeing what types of recipes you've had success with using this in.

  6. Yes, girl, you go girl! You turned that situation into a positive winner!!! I love your spunk and your innovation! I'm only watching you and your recipes now. You're more relatable and have a great personality! Look forward to watching your videos multiple times to replace the views you missed. 🤩👩‍🍳👩‍🍳

  7. I'm disappointed to see that you would create a video based on Victoria's hard work with a "my version is better" video. I can absolutely see why she would want to keep people from taking her idea and running in a different direction with it. It could reflect poorly on what she is doing and SHE is the person who originated the idea. It's best to stay away from content made by others and focus on what you can come up with. Based on your discussion in the Keto Twins group about how you just can not understand Victoria trying to shut things like this down, I am now understanding Victoria's position completely. Her links are making her money, your links are making you money but YOU did not originate this idea. See the problem? Just a random observation from a third party!

  8. Wow the initial investment for Victoria's flour is expensive. My poor wallet can't handle it so I will be trying your recipe. One question… well two… I'm new to the whole homemade bread thing but I really want to try it. Keto bread in the store is so expensive. Can this be used to make homemade bread? And do we just find a normal bread recipe and use this in place of the flour? Thank you for testing and developing this recipe! ❤🙏

  9. I purchased egg white protein powder from an American site. It cost me $73 Canadian, for two 1.2 lbs/ 544 gram containers. Which of $27 was for shipping. Still, was cheaper then purchasing here in Canada. We have store here called Bulk Barn which carries products you can buy, as name says, in bulk. Unfortunately, didn’t carry egg white protein. When I started keto, I made chaffle for my bread, which uses whey powder. I found the chaffle was a good alternative to regular bread. So the whey protein powder sounds like a great alternative to me. And sooo much cheaper 👍 Definitely will be trying your recipe. Thanks Charlotte for doing all the experimentations! As a baker, I know how labour intensive tedious it can be!! ❤

  10. Just an fyi, about the difference between whey protein powder and egg white protein powder is that whey protein gets lumpy if it's added to something hot, for example if you tried to make traditional white gravy with the whey protein powder version you'd need to start out with a cool skillet & melted (but not hot) butter (or whatever fat you prefer) then add the flour mixture and allow it to heat up slowly to make your roux then add your liquid. In theory this should work although I haven tried it with whey protein because I typically start with a skillet that's already hot & has fat in it from the meat I just cooked to go in the gravy. If I tried to use whey protein in the hot liquid it would clump up & be a very weird texture. I know this cuz wellll I add whey protein powder to my coffee and I found out the hard way if I don't add my creamer first & stir well then I get clumpy/gritty coffee…🤢😭 and no one likes clumpy gritty coffee.

    However, I've been keto for 5 years & have been baking almost since day 1 & I have found that the addition of whey protein powder does help keto flours mimic regular flour and I've been using it for a long time in cakes & cookies & pies. I just never thought to make my own flour blend to keep on hand! Sooo you're brilliant for figuring it out! I'm definitely going to try yours & see how it works in comparison to Victoria's in our favorite recipes. Can't wait to see what you create with it! You're adorable & I just love your channel! ❤

    SO… CAN I LABEL YOUR "GENERIC FLOUR" AS LOTTIE'S FLOUR 🥰(like princess charlotte the call lottie)

  12. The baby has your same smile. It is beautiful. Don't ever let go of that beautiful smile of yours.

    I will definitely try your flour combination, when I finish with what I have. I purchased Bob's Red Mill Whole Grain Oat Flour in a store around here and I liked that it is very light. Using the original flour; the flour was too dark and I did not like it. I am still not happy with the one I found, but it is much lighter than the original one. I'll keep on looking for WHITE oat flour until I find the one I like.

    I can't make a WHITE bread if the flour is dark brown. 🤣🤣🤣

  13. Thank you so much for this information. Glad to know that there is a less expensive version. I'm fortunate when egg whites powder started to rise a bit I purchased 15 lbs on a restaurant sight so I'm good for a while. But I am definitely going to use your version and mix the 2 to stretch out my stores. Food prices are definitely going to just keep rising.

  14. I didn't know you and Victoria had a falling out, sorry to hear that. I was looking forward to more collaboration between you two but I guess this gives you more freedom to try out different blogger's recipes and to develop you own as well. I'm glad you are more cost conscious.