Worlds Greatest Chicken Soup | Pollo Verde | Matty Matheson | Just A Dash | EP 6


TODAY IS EVERYONES FAVOURITING WEDNESDAY ITS THE EVERY OTHER WEDNESDAY WHERE JUST A DASH COMES OUT !!!! WE ARE MAKING POZOLE VERDE DE POLLO AND ITS MAYBE MY BEST VIDEO IVE EVER MADE BUT I SAY THAT ABOUT EVERY VIDEO BUT THIS ONE IS SPECIAL AND WILL WARM YOU TO THE BONE! ALL OF THE PATIENCE YOU FREAKY DEAKY FREAKS ARE SHOWING BY HOLDING ON IS BEAUTY AND POWER AND I LOVE ALL YALL !!!!! LETS FUCKING GO Applestone Meat Company shops are open 24/7 and sell fresh cut meat from vending machines. All of the meat is sourced from whole animals raised without added hormones or antibiotics by farmers who are committed to their well-being. Find Applestone stores in Stone Ridge and Hudson, New York. More info here: SOUP 1 onion, chopped 1 green pepper, chopped 1 poblano, chopped 1 jalapeno pepper, chopped 1 cubanelle pepper, chopped 3 celery stalks, chopped 4 garlic cloves 2-3 tbsp canola oil 1 whole chicken, divided into 8 parts Salt 6 -8 tomatillos, husked and cut in half 5 cups chicken stock 2 cups canned hominy, drained and rinsed GARNISH 1/2 white onion, finely chopped 1 avocado, sliced ​​3-4 radishes, diced 1 cup cilantro, chopped 1 cup Mexican crema or sour cream DIRECTIONS Place onion, peppers, celery, and garlic in a blender and pulse until smooth. Set aside Set oven to broil. Heat oil over medium-high in a heavy bottom pot or dutch oven. Season chicken with salt. Place chicken parts in pot and brown, about two minutes per side. Work in batches to avoid crowding the pan. Meanwhile, place tomatillo halves cut side down in a cast-iron pan. Broil until skins are charred and tomatillos have released their juices, about 5 minutes. Remove chicken from pot. Add in onion, pepper mixture to the pot. Reduce heat to medium and continue to cook until the mixture becomes golden, about 30 minutes stirring often. Place the chicken pieces back in the pot along with the tomatillos and all the juices that were released in the pan. Pour chicken stock into the pot and increase heat to high. Bring to an immediate boil then reduce heat to low and cover. Simmer until chicken is cooked through and tender, about 90 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Pour in hominy and stir to warm through. Divide into bowls and garnish with onion, avocado, radish, cilantro, and sour cream. .





  1. If you like to grill, properly spatchock the chicken, overnight brine, and use GREEN new Mexico chili seasoning, oregano, cumin, onion and garlic powder. also get a quick grill on the green peppers, tomatillos and onion. cut up the peppers and make the sofrito from there. You'll add another layer to the dish people will love.

  2. I ate 3 edibles, way to much…. plus I drank a pint so I was not having a good time anymore. As I layed my bed just in another universe I turn on Matty…. Not a great show when your drunk and high as fuck….. just laid there and after a while I thought he was talking to me personally…. not my best hour


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