World's Best Vegetarian Chicken Noodle Soup


If you thought the best chicken noodle soup was actually made with real chicken meat, think again. Paul shows us how he makes a great vegetarian chicken noodle anyone can make in 15 minutes. Have a question you want to ask Paul about cooking or hifi equipment?





  1. I love your happy passion videos Paul!
    Please do more videos like this! For example some more of your homecooking recipies! Pretty please Paul!🤗 keep having a healthy and happy life for you and those around you that you love and have close to heart!
    I wish to see you for many more years to come and have videos for us that makes you happy cheers – Victor

  2. Those cubes are normal in Europe, not only in Switserland, we have them in the Netherlands. It is a yeast extract, and they engineered it to taste like chicken. In fact we all got used to the taste so much that ' we ' regard real chicken broth less real and less tasty than the yeast product. For legal reasons for them to dare call it chicken stock, they add 1 % of real chicken protein, which is basicly tasteless.

  3. Excellent, excellent soup, Paul. Thanks for sharing. Yeast from local (Richmond VA) natural food store, noodles (linguine) and no-chicken strips from Whole Foods, no-chicken bouillon from Amazon. Delicious! By the way, I know you're from Hawaii, so I'm surprised when I hear your back woods, bumpkin put-on ("Ah likes ma bread."). I'm originally from Texas so I understand that dialect jes' fine.

  4. That was funny how you mentioned Monsanto’s crap like most non believers Audio people talk about high end cables.
    I guess it’s natural when a person does not have 100% of the information and only goes by media to comment that way.
    No disrespect at all since I think you are the best out there.

  5. Let go of your omnivorous labels. They are no longer yours.
    Why claim to be vegetarian yet buy commercial products that relate your food to what you have cut out of your diet?
    Plz don't give me secrets that have secrets…it is not like you to say "I don't know," sooooo many times in a video.
    Can't find an engineer's perspective on food in many places.
    Why don't you treat your food video like your audio ones?
    I wish you had as much info on the ingredients as you would on the sources of noise in a system.
    It is almost like you take speaker performance more seriously that your body's building materials.

  6. vegetarian chicken soup is either not chicken soup, either not vegetarian. so, is either a contradiction of terms or maybe the chicken was vegetarian and they cooked em? why people try to make vegetarian food look or taste like nonveg. instead of naming em something else?

  7. Hey Paul, have you tried Osem Chicken Flavor soup? Its also meat-free so good for vegetarians. Its a powder rather than cubes and is really good. Its made in Israel and is kosher for those viewers who need that. I guess its available in the US. Try and let us know if its better than the Swiss stuff. I actually live in Switzerland and have not seen it here in the big supermarkets.


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