World’s Best Chicken Soup Recipe! Review and how to


Looking for a world-famous chicken soup recipe? Look no further than this video! In this review, we’ll explain why this soup is the world’s best and how to make it yourself. If you’re feeling down and want to comfort yourself with a bowl of chicken soup, this is the recipe for you! This soup is definitely world-famous, and for good reason. Not only is it delicious, but it’s also incredibly healing. If you’re feeling sick or injured, try this recipe and see how it helps you feel better! .





  1. I so enjoy your cooking videos. I also like to read comments where people are giving you good advice. I have one small nugget of advice. Try to not scrape the blade of your knife sideways on your cutting board/ mat. It will dull your blade much quicker and might even cause nicks in it. I bought a stainless scraper at the Dollar Tree and it’s one of my favorite kitchen tools. I use it to swipe off seeds and unwanted stuff off my board and it also is good for scooping things I’ve chopped up to put in the pan. Thanks for the great content.

  2. Hi Dave. Great video. That’s definitely NOT the world’s best. I buy rotisserie chickens late at night when they’re cheap. Strip the meat off and freeze it, also freeze the carcass including the juices, skin and stuffing. We usually get at least 3 at a time. When we want a soup we boil up all of the carcasses with an onion, carrots, garlic, ginger, thyme, oregano and rosemary for about 5 hours. We drain/strain that keeping the onion and carrots aside. This leaves you with a phenomenal stock. We then mash the onion and carrots and return. Season with oyster sauce and Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper. A dash of vinegar and sugar is optional. Add herbs and spices to taste and any vegetables you want and cook for 30 mins then add the meat and cook for another 30 mins. This makes a fantastic soup. The Mrs doesn’t like vegetable pieces so she blends it before adding the meat. Can be thickened with corn or potato starch.

  3. Do NOT ever use prepared minced garlic! The favor compounds become weaker over time after the cell walls are broken down.
    If you want a good short cut- buy the peeled garlic in a bag and freeze it. The cloves take less than 5 minutes to defrost and using a garlic press makes it quick work