Why I Went Vegan (Pt. 2)


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Just making a Vegan Western Bacon Cheeseburger and telling a little story!

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  1. That's fair, I'm glad you're enjoying your lflife but would you consider eating eggs if you raised rhe hens yourself? They will lay eggs regardless of whether there's a rooster so you wouldn't be killing any babies and you can let them be free range.

  2. personally, i don’t see much difference eating meat or plants as long as the animals are raised and killed reasonably ethically. life has come and gone on earth for billions of years and will continue to for many more. i absolutely do understand the ethical concerns surrounding the methods of the meat industry, however eating meat in and of itself i have absolutely zero issue with. of course you’re entitled to your own perspective, just wanted to share mine.

  3. I totally understand the ethical reasons for becoming vegan, but I’m just not a fan of eating synthetic things to avoid animal products. A lot of these mock meats are very hard to digest, and honestly not very nutritious. If there were an alternative to meat that was just as nutritious, I would 100% consider making the switch full time. I tried it for a little bit and my energy levels completely plummeted. Note I was also tracking all my calories and macros so I was making sure that on paper I was getting all the nutrients. Even with that I felt like a zombie, it was wasn’t even comparable to my regular diet. We gotta find a legit replacement for meat that’s not this stuff