Why I Went Vegan (Pt 1)


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  1. My problem with being vegan is, if you want the immitation type of food like "tuna" sandwich you have to outsource those products or make one yourself, which for me, takes too much time and effort. Being vegan can be possible since we have dishes that outright don't have any kind of meat in them or could replace some ingredients for vegetables or eliminate them altogether, like pinakbet, munggo stew, chop suey, laswa, etc.

    I thinks the idea and purpose of veganism is nice, but some extremist vegans( animal activist, gaslighters) they turn me off from doing so.

  2. personally, i dont mind vegans or vegan food. but its simply incorrect to act like its any better for the environment or animals. industrial farms are the cause of massive deforestation projects and the destruction of native environments and habitats of native animals. if you really care about the planet and animals, buy from local farmers or grow your own food. and the way i see it, buying from walmart- meat or vegan is not going to remain sustainable. im no conspiracy theorist but when american society inevitably collapses, whole foods and trader joes wont be open. sustainable hunting, fishing, farming and ranching will be the only way to survive. i wish we could all just follow old native american ways. we should be stewards of the earth and only take what we need. humans were never meant to blow up the world in population. we live more like ants than anything else.

  3. What is this even supposed to mean, animals literally exist to be eaten, if we don’t eat them something else will. Also with that logic plants don’t want to be eaten either, that’s why they develop defense mechanisms. 😵😵😵😵

  4. Where I come from, nobody pushes the idea of detaching yourself from the kill. I go to buy chicken alive and kill them. Nobody is vegan where I come from so the reason westerners have for being vegan is weird to me. We eat what we kill and nature proves that in all its species.