Why I Stopped Keto After 5 Years


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00:00 Introduction
00:20 Coffee & My Transformation
00:51 Why I Stopped Doing Keto
02:21 What I’m doing now
03:55 When you should eat carbs
04:45 Maintaining your weight loss
05:45 Was Keto unhealthy?
07:45 What life looks like now





  1. I started a keto lifestyle 6 years ago. I was going through menopause, gained weight, what felt like overnight. A 40 lb weight gain, along with other symptoms. I felt it was easy to follow, I never cheated, but my cholesterol went up 50 points, so I needed to tweak things every once in a while. I lost about 50 lbs. I felt great. Then recently, I started experiencing gastrointestinal issues. A common sugar substitute, erythritol was in everything that I consumed. My drinks, lilys chocolate, snacks, and baking. Also, sucralose, was also in my creamers, drinks and a lot of other items. On the news, it was announced that both of these sugar substitutes, and others either caused cancer, stroke and gastrointestinal issues. It was then, I stopped all of it. I do watch my carb intake, watch sugar as well. But I will not use these sugar substitutes again. These symptoms started in April and my stomach is finally getting back to normal. I’m sure everyone will have different experiences, it really did help me, but, everything in moderation still holds true.

  2. “Keto, restrictive? I don’t think so. Once you’ve unlearned the outdated food pyramid from the ‘80s and rediscovered the essence of real nutrition, ‘restrictive’ hardly describes it. When faced with the typical daily menus loaded with high fructose corn syrup, you’ll realize that sugar, in all its forms (except Allulose), should be considered toxic. Optimal health doesn’t demand any external sources of carbohydrates in your diet; your liver efficiently manages that as long as you consume wholesome foods.”

  3. I go in and out of Keto all the time. It’s a good re set… same with intermittent fasting. It’s good to be flexible otherwise I think it can lead to an orthorexic pattern. Love your content, love watching you and some of your recipes are our staples.

  4. I agree completely. Keto helped me lose 50lbs a few years ago and more importantly reversed my insulin resistance. I recently went back on Keto but dont have as much weight to lose. This time around my focus is just about my health and my ability to live my life and do what I need to do every day. After the first few weeks I stopped strictly avoiding carbs and just being more conscious of the carbs I eat. I avoid all sugary drinks and foods and swap out keto bread and tortillas for regular ones and don't count carbs. If I feel good, and my energy levels are good that is all that matters. When I find myself feeling bad I know I pushed it too far with what is healthy for my body. This is much more sustainable than trying to adhere to a max of 20g of carbs every day

  5. I started keto 6 years ago after realising how obese I was becoming. The weight dropped off rapidly and at 13 months I'd lost 70lbs and was feeling unbelievable. I was always aware it was a diet but I didn't feel is was restrictive back then as I was just so focused on the results.

    With my weight loss complete I then struggled with finding food to eat when we were on holiday and it then began to feel restrictive. I'm still doing low carb but I must confess that the thought of having to watch what I eat for the rest of my life, is somewhat daunting and depressing!

  6. I did keto for a while and lost about 10 pounds and was so happy. I went into calorie counting after that and now simply sticking to portion control. It took a long time for me to eat like this but I find myself naturally picking the healthier option and exercising regularly and still losing weight. I am down 30 pounds now and have about 40 more to go.

    I did enjoy keto but it was more of a binge eating mindset that I had to heal myself. I liked keto because it allowed me to eat ANYTHING that was high in fat and low in carb but that was just feeding into my toxic mentality and not healing the actual issue. I caught myself eating so much bacon, beef, chicken, cheese, etc at an unreasonable rate where it just felt wrong. Yes, I lost weight, but it was not in a good way. There is no reason I should feel the urge to eat this much just because I "can."

    Now I can say I no longer suffer from binge eating so if I want something sweet I will eat ONE serving of it lol same goes for other foods even if they are high in carbs. Portion control and moderation is literally EVERYTHING. I also did not like that keto restricted me from enjoying God's beautiful fruits! I love pinas, bananas, watermelon, apples, oranges! I will always eat those freely without guilt. When I was my thinnest and healthiest I was eating lots of fruits and veggies and I have returned to that beautiful lifestyle.