Why I quit KETO (Keto Diet Philippines 2019)


Just want to share with your guys my reasons for quitting Keto. Please don’t judge me. hehehehe
I know that Keto is an awesome way of eating and it can help heal some ailments, pero yun nga, it’s probably just not for me.
If you have any thoughts about Keto or any other diet, let me know. =)

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, just hollaaaa! 

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  1. I'm on keto. I don't count macros. I don't stress about ketosis. I don't log food. I do search for replacements though like shirataki rice. I bake my own keto bread. I've enjoying keto pizza lately. I make sure ma keto-fy yung mga favorites kong food. I feel like wala naman nagiba sa lifestyle ko kasi I made sure na may replacements. Also, nakatipid ako sa gastos kasi keto made me satisfied agad at wala masyadong cravings. I've been eating once a day lately. I've been loosing weight so far and most important is yung blood sugar is ok and does not spike. I get it keto is not for everyone pero yung sinasabi na maiiba yung lifestyle or mawawala yung food group… Not's that always the case. Kailangan mo lang ng commitment. Yes meron talagang mawawala sa list mo like mga high carb food. pero yun nga may replacements naman. You want rice, try shirataki. Titimplahan mo lang talaga sa panlasa mo. You want bread, may breads made from egg alone or coconut or almond flour. I feel like keto is for people na their lives are already on the line so they can't afford to quit.

    I know 2-3 years na yung vid mo but I just had to comment para di naman madiscourage yung iba. God bless!

  2. Nagketo ako before then 2 days Lang Ayaw ko na Kasi namamigraine ako Kasi sariling gawa Lang ung keto ko, namimili ako sa S&r ng mga pangketo inaabot ako 25k for 2weeks food ko pero ndi padin sapat, dapat tlg ung pagkeketo is May kasamang nutritionist na magsasabe sayo kung Ano gagawin mo at kung Ano ang menu na pwede sayo and right now magdecide ulit magketo and order ako sa ketos of manila mas nakamura ako inabot ako almost 15k lng , nagdedeliver sila ng food everyday package na un .. ndi sya mabigat sa bulsa Kasi mas mahal kapag ikaw gumawa .. ngayon inabot nako ng 2 weeks and masaya ako Kasi nagtest ako kestosis nako ambilis ng effect sakin from 45 kilos to 40 kilos agad, mabilis din Kasi mabilis din metabolism ko lalo I don’t eat rice Anymore and I am very happy .. kaya don’t give up on keto

  3. with this video. the speaker opted to stay in carbs. therefore, she opted not to become healthy.

    we already know that keto way of eating is healing and helping us to leave sugar addiction( beyond being sexy and fit) which this world scammed us big time.

    sad for her that she chose to stick in a wrong road than staying in the right path.

    yes it is difficult- but many was able to become successful.

    this video instead to encourage …the speaker made some point to discourage.

    but being human and all the points she stated- i fully agree.

    But just like heaven and hell- we still have a choice where to go.

    I hope one day the speaker's vlog can be more encouraging and not the other way around.

    I hope one day she'll go back to the Healing Way Of Eating, not just for her – but for her entire family.

    If we already found the truth- we sacrifice, beat ourselves, defeat our human and earthly cravings. – to stay in tuned.

    Because we know all will be worth of the sacrifices.

    Becoming healthy is loving yourself and your family.
    Being selfless.

    Sticking to sugar and justifying the reason why we cannot stay in the process because 'We Cannot' and 'We are not disciplined enough' — is selfishness.

    wish her the best and hopefully be back to the right path that she already found.


    Ps. this is also just my point of view and feedback about this video..We are nvited to comment. I just did.

  4. Nag keto din ako kaya lang stop ko na kac natakot ako sa saturated fat, meat and more on fats…kac later on pumayat ka nga kaya lang baka magkaroon ako ng sakit sa puso…. And baka mamaya ma low sugar ako yay!!! Pero kung tutuusin moderation lang talaga sa lahat ng pagkain…

  5. Am on a keto diet now. It doesn’t need to be hard. I also have a sweet tooth but everytime i crave a dessert, i make one using keto friendly ingredients like brownies using almond flour, cocoa, stevia as sweetener. I also make buko pandan dessert with lots of cheese in it. Masarap, etc.. Relate ako sa mga sinabi mo tho na na ngrebound weight mo, thats the result if u deprive urself too much. I cheat once a week like chips but not those sweet ones. I go for cheetos and for chocolates, i eat lindt

  6. I think that for normal people like you, you are on point, di talaga madali.. it becomes different if you reasons/cause is deeper like health and healing, I owe keto for correcting and easing my lipid profile, hypertension and my husband's diabetes.. the medications, laboratory and doctor's fees are much costly than the cost of the the food, because keto/LC is much focused on foods that has nutrition. for me Keto is more of a lifestyle, so your reasons has to be rooted not just for weigh loss. yes there will be stumbling blocks, not a big problem.. you can get back naman kung gusto talaga lalo na for us with comorbidities, and yes tama always seek your physician's advice.

  7. ang problema kasi gastos. Mahal talaga lalo pat yung timpla na sakto sa electrolite everyday eh napakamahal. Tsaka sandamukal na avocado. Pwede naman kasi temporary kapag natunaw mo na mga taba mo tsaka ka magswitch ng konti kahit out of ketosis ka na ang importante di na bumalik yung taba na nawala. so dapat kapag nawala na controlled na ang food at exercise. Kumabaga temporary lang. Ako uulit ulit ako kasi nastop dahil nagpadala ng food sis ko kaya bumalik ako. Sobrang sakit lang talaga sa ulo kapag di pa makaadjust ang katawan ko. Kung party naman pwede naman cheat day.

  8. You hit the nail right on the head. It is for the same exact reasons that I dont follow any diet plan. Keto and most diet plans are not cheap. I want to be able to satisfy my cravings and would just rather workout 2 hours a day, 6 days a week like I used to than restrict myself. Keto is good and in fact it worked for my dad cos he is diabetic but its not for everyone. I would say dont follow the fad but do whatever works for you. Food should give us satisfaction, not make us feel deprived.

  9. So true..!! Nag sstart na sana ako mag keto dahil sa gerd.. Pero ang payat ko na saka deep inside parang ayaw ng body ko kasi naiistress aq kakaisip ng food to eat at carb intake..
    Tama ka need tlaga balance diet at in moderation.. Buti na lng napanood ko to..
    Saka in the long term may side effect pa yung strict keto diet

  10. Kilala mo na yung sarili mo is not always good kasi we became what we are from what molded us. Kung "nasanay" ka kasi since birth ganyan ng kinakain mo, basically tinandaan lang kasi ng katawan natin ano yung environment natin at mga mas bagay na exposed tayo kaya nag adjust siya so that you can coupe up to that. And since ang tagal2 mo nang ginagawa, kaya kinilaka niya na yun na comfort zone and it gave you that good mood. But that doesn't really mean na yun yung tama talaga kasi hindi tayo "iba't-iba" ng katawan. Tao tayo, may biological standard setup tayo which can be optimized, kaya nga may science to figure that out. And lately we've learned better and found that keto is how our bodies can be optimized. But then again, yun nga, we are individuals. Buhay natin to and life is just an experience. And it is up to each and every individual to choose ano gusto nila sa buhay nila. Ang importante lang na man to make it all worth it is masaya ka sa pinili mo at sa sa dulo wala kang pagsisisihan kahit ano man ang nangyari kasi you made that choice on your own free will.

  11. what is really your goal why you went on KETO??? LOL you made me laugh 🤣 i'm NOT on keto diet but i'm all good with its concept most esp for those who are insulin resistance and are already inflammaging… binge eating, depression, and gaining back the weight that you mentioned are effects of dirty keto or not doing it the right way. how can you feel all of that if you have the right source of fats?? omega 3s and other fatty acids with the right composition of epa, dha and ala which prevents your brain from binge eating, cravings and helps you stay in ketosis and most importantly helps your microbiome.. magnesium (my fav trace mineral, glycinate and citrate to be exact) which you can get from cruciferous veggies and pasture raised, heirloom grown and organic eggs; and B12 from grass fed beef are all foods that is recommended on a "healthy" ketogenic diet.. these only depletes if you eat sugar (and all its substitutes) and refine, processed fast carbs.. and yes you are right, these sometimes are not cheap but it still a good long term investment… and it is still way cheaper than to be in ICU or in the hospital more often later on, because you have a metabolic disease due to poor diet, with all the fast carbs that you mentioned.. i would also agree that a healthy diet whether its keto, palleo, vegan, carnivore, mediterranean and etc should be personalized and sustainable but if the primary reason of having it is just to loss weight, it will never achieve an optinum health span.. exercise is very good, it has a lot of benefits for healthspan, but to achieve longevity, 75% should still come from diet or the food we eat. 🙂

  12. para sakin hindi naman kailangan keto ka always.. gawin mo ang keto para maging fat adapted ka, yan yung goal mo. focus lang sa goal iwan lahat hahaha… seryoso much better pag fat adapted ka, pag nagawa mo na yan due to your short time of strict keto, pwede kana mag low carb high fat diet.. ako nga LCIF ako at hindi ko naman kailangan iyakan yung mga faves ko, I'm eating kamote instead of rice on lunch and dinner just a small portion siguro nasa half cup.. nag aasukal din ako yung brown sugar kapag kape sa hapon, kasi ang Itermittend Fasting ko ay 6pm to 12pm. so mga 3pm nag kakape ako with coconut milk as creamer. sucrose gamit ko pero isang kutsarita lang,, sa umaga fasting pa kasi kaya monk fruit, eh ginto ang monk fruit haha kung stevia sama kasi nang lasa sa kape XD… life is ez if you make it ez 🙂 PS: pag pag addapted ka even you consume a certain amount of carbs hindi na mahihirapan ang katawan mo mag adjust.. basta nananatili parin na much high ang fat intake mo or kadalasan nag aabsent ang carb sa pagkain mo,, pa extra extra lang si carb..

  13. Ginamit ko yang keto because I am diabetic. Yung tinatawag na poetion control di umubra sa akin nagspispike parin Blood Sugar ko. Tapos ngayun lang sa buhay ko ako pumayat ng effortless tinimbang ko yung rason na gagamit na lang ba ako ng insulin habang buhay or mabuhay ng healthy at walang gamot. Oo madami man akong binibiling kung anuano para sa keto pero malaki naman matitipid ko sa insulin at hindi na ako nagkakanin puro wholefoods na lang kinakain ko dahil umiiwas ako sa dirty keto. Tyagaan lang.