Why I make Pasta Salad (almost) every week.


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In my opinion, pasta salad is one of the most underrated weeknight meals. Not only can it be made ahead of time, but it’s completely customizable with whatever you have in the fridge.

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  1. Dude I really like your channel, but I have noticed a major opportunity in your view of making meals healthier/more diet appropriate: it is not about cutting calories and adding a whole bunch of proteins.
    You make a meal healthier and better to lose weight by replacing the foods void of nutrients or the poisons and replacing them with nutrient dense versions.
    For example here: the obvious problem with the pasta salad was that the pasta is white pasta, hence it is a processed food without any nutrient. That will mess up your insulin sensitivity and drive nutritional deficiencies which will make your body continue to store fat and will prevent it from being at an optimal health.
    Instead replace the white pasta with whole-wheat pasta. You go from a refined carb that spikes your insulin and provides no nutrients to a food your body will actually thank you for.
    The other issue with the original version is the mayo: not because it is caloric but because it is likely made with a vegetable oil such as canola/sunflower or such really high omega 6 oils which will spike inflammation in your body and make it much harder to be healthy and maintain insulin sensitivity. Instead make mayo with olive oil or maybe avocado oil and you're good to go.
    Finally on removing the poisons: modern American wheat is extremely poorly tolerated by our bodies and unless you go with a whole-wheat pasta from Italy or one that uses a heirloom variety of wheat you will have a hard time being healthy and losing weight.
    Hope that helps.
    FYI I only work out 3 times a week 30 minutes each time and I have a six pack by following those principles. I used to have a belly and work out like a donkey and wondering why I couldn't lose the fat until I understood that basically a good diet is simply a diet based on whole foods and avoids any poison.

  2. I make a pasta salad very similar to your healthy version with an additional two changes that make it even healthier (and still very tasty).

    1) red lentil pasta!! super high protein, lots of fiber, tasty!
    2) add in some low fat feta as a high protein flavoring.

    I meal prepped it last week and it came out at around 400 calories w/ 40 grams of protein per serving.

  3. I was wondering, is there a reason not to cool the pasta with cold water and wait 40min? For me this is a 10min meal: put the pasta on, prep the ingredients, strain the pasta, fill it up with cold water, strain it again, mix and eat. It might be a little bit more soggy? But for me, cooking is only fun if it is quicker than the combined eating time. So if I'm alone, max 10min… Complete family over? Hours are acceptable

  4. I feel like MSG shouldn't be optional anymore… there's so much research that shows it is safe in the typical cooking applications.

    "Chinese Food Syndrome" has been all but completely disproven… the doctor that initially wrote the article about "Chinese Food Syndrome" was being satirical and making a joke….

    Also kelp/kombu/seaweed and some cheeses contain a fair bit of glutamates.
    Majority of (USA at least) snack foods contain MSG, but no one mentions that…

  5. Made this today. Fricken delicious. I’m average when it comes to cooking. Sometimes I’ll use online recipes and they come out okay. But for some reason, when I use recipes from Ethan, my food comes out banging 10/10. This dude’s recipes just set you up for success. Highly recommend this one.