Why I am no longer doing the Keto diet but still making Keto recipes


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  1. I don't see it as a problem mate. If Gordon Ramsey makes a vegan recipe do people kick off because he isn't vegan? Yours was the first channel I found when I started keto 3 or 4 months ago. Good recipes simple and fun. I only wanted to lose 20 lbs and I've done that. I'll still dip into carbs from time to time as almond flour can only do so much. I'll still keep watching your channel regardless. Horns up 🙂

  2. A person must know and understand their own limitations. A meat eater who enjoyed steaks yet tried vegan for weight loss could well find that diet too restrictive and miss what they once ate. If they became vegan out of philosophical reasons for no longer wanting to consume animal products, that would likely be different.
    After just 6 months, I do not find the keto diet to be restrictive and limiting for me probably because I know and appreciate how it has likely saved my life and certainly improved my health. There's nothing I miss from the SAD diet that I have not found a suitable replacement for such as the keto friendly ice cream that I've been eating this week thanks to a simple recipe I learned from Joe Duff.
    But keto is not really a weight loss diet although most do lose weight, but a lifestyle choice.
    I can respect someone's choice to stop keto, but it doesn't sound good to hear rationalizations and justifications for stopping. It's better to just do it or not do it.

  3. All "Diets" are non sustainable..let's be honest. Most are done out of desperation to find a way to "lose weight" or be "Healthy" When all you have to do is cut a couple of hundred calories to lose weight or hit your caloric daily max to maintain. and add more veggies and whole foods to your diet. How in the fuck is that so difficult? 🤔 P.S. macros are bullshit, with the exception of protein.

  4. Sahil, I love watching you, but I mainly watch the keto recipes because keto is working for me. I have struggled with weight and health issues and they are starting to go away since I've been on keto. You are being true to yourself and that matters, and you are TERRIFIC at making keto recipes! All the best!

  5. Agreed. I was on Keto for some time. Lost weight but after some time I stopped loosing but I pushed through and stuck with it! WELL my hair fell out and I developed a rash that would not go away. In the end I had to leave the diet. I found low carb and cal counting turned out better for me, I enjoyed the choices much. I appreciate your recipes because I do still cook a lot of "Keto" dishes.

  6. I watch / subscribe because of the keto recipes. I plan to continue, as long as you will. I'm not interested in heavy metal (but not offended at all), nor in higher-carb recipes (again, it doesn't cause me a problem if you are). But, my interest on your channel is keto / low-carb.
    Thanks, please keep it up.

  7. I am glad that you found that you can enjoy the carbs you enjoy and not gain weight. That must have been a great relief for you. I just found your keto cooking videos yesterday and they are really cool. Thanks for making those videos. Have a great day.

  8. Ofcourse Sir… I will still watch your video always…even your not doing keto recipes….. So down humble and down to earth… Keep rock…i love indian foods… Im trying and learning to coom indian Dishes cause i love spices….. Thanks for all delicious recipes….


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