Why 2 Meals per Day plus BP Coffee Crushes Diabetes


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Dennis Pollock shares insights on eating 2 meals per day with no snacks, and substituting BP coffee in lieu of breakfast.

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  1. I brew a tall mug (12 oz) coffee and add heavy whipping cream each morning. 4 hrs later I cook some meat with onions and veggie (broccoli, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, etc). 2-4 hrs later I eat an avocado, some berries, sour cream, cheese, and nuts, eggs (perhaps meat from earlier instead of eggs). 2-4 hrs later I have a coffee. Nothing more for the day except ACV or Lemon water.

    Eating like this eliminated my diabetes and prediabetes rating, lost 30 lbs, and all blood work normalized.

  2. If you want to crush diabetes do weight training …. Resistance training is the key as we age we lose muscle which sucks in the glucose and takes it out of our bloodstream! Don’t stay weak do resistance training with bands or weights your never too old and it’s critical for Health & Longevity!

  3. Sounds like good coffee, I drink it different ways, all ways are good. I have 1/2 coffee for breakfast with 3 keto toasts, each has lots of cinnamon or maca root powder on it with lots of olive oil on each too. Also some nuts or seeds on each. I add 3 eggs and some chia seeds too. Meter reads only from 95-110 after one hour.

  4. My A1C was 6 so I was flagged for prediabetes. Lost weight lowered carbs to almost nothing, exercise etc. Stayed around 5.9 no matter what. Went with fasting and two meals no coffee (suck it up if that's what it takes) . I've done 24 hour fasts 5 or 6 times and a 36 hour fast once and A1C is 5:8 . You do what you need to do.

  5. Dears Hey to every one.

    Please advise since I've had diabetes for 27 years, I've been 47 years old, and my most recent A1C was 7.5. I use medications like Jardiance 10 mg Ryzodeg insulin 30 units a day. my weight is 74 Kilogram now I am 5.6 want to reduce another 12 kilogram.

    I fast for 16 hours each day, yet my A1C level remains the same.

  6. I ain't fat never was either , but blood sugars always high . Metformin and now Synjardy and still high A1c's . Sure wish the US and Canada would get a single blood reading as mine is 7.8 over 3 months and here's a bunch of people below in the comments talking 65,75,95? Yup initial Keto diet helped but hard to maintain as I still like flavor and each keto meal I have seen is less than what my idea of a meal is. I weigh a staggering 150 pounds at 6'1" .