Which Plant Makes the Best VEGAN PULLED PORK?


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Hi Everybody! Here’s my quick and easy way to make Vegan Pulled Pork!

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0:00 Intro
0:16 Sauce & Seasoning
1:02 Tofu
3:32 Mushrooms
4:53 Jackfruit
6:12 Which is Best?

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  1. OMG! Your videos always make my mouth water! I used to make those with Jackfruit after washing and pressing it really well, loved them! King Oyster mushrooms are indeed pricey! I am going to try what you did but I am going to use Portobello caps. I had a Portobello sandwich at Jersey Mikes the other day and it was THE BOMB! It was designed to be like a Philly but it was THE meatiest vegan sammie I've ever had and it was simply delicious! Thank you so much, love, love, love your cookbook and your channel!

  2. All your versions look great, and I appreciate the comparison. I like soy curls for barbecue sandwich. The recipe I use has them cooked in a slow cooker in the sauce. I see you've used soy curls for carne asada and french dip sandwiches that sound amazing too.