What's Cooking with Paula Deen – Vegetable Beef Soup


Paula calls herself a Vegetable Beef Soup snob…because hers is simply the best! Paula’s secret is using short rib for her soup. This recipe is perfect for big family meals or a chilly day. You can follow the recipe below and make your own:

The Lady and Sons Beef Vegetable Soup





  1. Mmmm Miss Paula those bf ribs did make all the dfrnce!!!! Oh my!
    You talk bout delish!

    I tweaked with what I had..

    Beef ribs sautéed in butter fresh garlic n onion salt pepper
    Then add cut up red potatoes
    Bay leaf
    Fresh lemon juice
    Smoked paprika
    Celery with leafy tops cause Paula says good
    Organic bf broth
    Frsh tomatoes
    Approx 2 T Pace picante to taste

    I made sure ribs pretty done b4 addn ingredients then take out tward the end, cut fat off.. but I left ribs in soup…
    Oh my..
    I finished last bowl this morn
    I added shredded cheese.. mmmm
    Husband liked the stew..
    I can see addn more ribs Nxt time as I only did 4 short ribs this time
    Thank U Miss Paula you inspire me
    Love You!
    From the Panhandle of Texas

  2. Lord have mercy!!! My mouth was watering watching that pot of beef soup come together, but then you started describing how the elbow macaroni in it squished as you bit into it and I was done??!! Ha! Ha! Lol Girl??!! Now I want to go out and get me some beef ribs to make it!!! Lol. Right now!! Tonight!!! But you the grocery store shelves are empty by this time of the day during this crazy time. With this quarantine everyone has gone crazy???!! Lord have mercy?! The first time that I see those short ribs, after ALL THIS DRAMA, I ASSURE YOU I WILL BE MAKING THE BEST POT OF VEGETABLE BEEF SOUP TOO, Paula!!! Lol. Love you girl!!! Thank you for sharing your delicious recipes and great big ole heart with the world. You have always been near and dear to my heart because yours is near n dear to everyone and anyone ….. you know NO STRANGERS and like me you love to feed people and share over a good ole meal. Thank you for making the world a better place. God bless you and your family Paula. ❤️👏🥰🤗☺️

  3. Love her recipes this country girl can cook and I do agree with her I do take the time to make my beef stock which short ribs I know it’s a little more expensive so being on disability I save my money I don’t make you very often but I do like making it I just buy cheap big beef bones and then I will buy one pack of short ribs because it does make a difference I’ve never had stock so good anytime I make beef stew or I make beef vegetable soup or even if I’m making soup. Or anything with that and I shall even use my stock to cook my rice in and I can definitely tell a difference in the flavor and it even gets a little kind of jelly that’s really good beef stock but I do agree with her it does make a difference just want to say hello to everybody from Florida 🌴🌴🌴


    I love my instant pot I cook with that more than anything I cook in my whole house best thing I ever bought love my pressure cooker and yes I have use the old ones but these new ones they’re really safe there’s no way that you can hurt yourself with it because it will not allow you to open it till that pressure is completely gone and I make all my stock in it ,❤️

  4. And I just finished off eating a can of vegetable beef soup while just coming across your video 😲. Mind you I was sitting close to my brand new pressure cooker that was on the kitchen counter. Never again will I eat soup from a can! I love your recipe! Will be making it soon. Thank you lovely Paula Dean! ❤️ Love you bunches!

  5. I’m so happy to hear you promote pressure cookers! I still use my stovetop cooker, although I also have electric. I’ve been a pressure cooker cook for 45 years, since my college days in Atlanta. Not only did my pressure cooker save time, it saved money, too.

  6. I like the soup recipe…all the chips are stupid…hate your sexist brother. I forgive u…not him…he lives from you in a way not deserved. anyway that soup is close to my grands…hers is better, but your leads others to possible goodness. god bless you and yours

  7. She sells this particular electric pressure cooker on Evine. It sells for $143 and comes in 10 colors. It is out of stock currently. I do not like adding pasta or rice to soup. If it does not all get eaten in a single sitting it absorbs the extra broth from the soup and turns to mush. I cook and store mine separately. When time to serve I add the pasta or rice to my bowl and ladle the hot soup over it. This way every bowl of soup tastes freshly made. I am surprised that you put precooked macaroni in the soup and cooked it another 10 minutes. I would have thought you would have added it uncooked as it only takes 10 minutes to cook anyway. I guess you must like it very soft. Your soup looks delicious. I make my vegetable beef soup after I make a pot roast. I use the leftover roast, vegetables and gravy in my soup then add everything else. I add all the vegetables that you do plus I like some diced cabbage in my soup. Yummy.

  8. I grew up watching my granny use her pressure cooker and canner
    After years of fearing it. I bit the bullet and bought a stove top pressure cooker and love it. I can’t believe how it has changed my cooking. I’m still learning but like you said. I don’t know how I lived without it.

  9. Your pressure cooker is pretty I like it.I got an instant pot this past CHRISTMAS though .Abig 8qrt .duo and I'm so glad I use it, luv it. My sister knew I wanted one to make yogurt. But I luv how quick u can cook delicious food in it too .But I thought u had a line of one .I just had made veggie beef in mine last night. Was delicious, short ribs who knew?will have to try that one day. How in the world did twelve of those valves end up in the ceiling?wow,I really miss you on food network. It just wasnt right. GOD BLESS! That looks so yummy.i luv your airfryer too.but I cant ,I've already got um one lol .