What would you do? I made soup and this happened! #shorts






  1. I’m sorry but I’m gonna withstand that scotch bonnet pain. That food looks so delicious. The dumplings was so fat and juicy. The broth was so thick the potatoes was so intact and so yummy looking the chicken was so big and chunky install Brownlee stewed Yardman style.

    Oh yeah, please put a serving of white rice on the side to eat with that. Thank you I appreciate it.

  2. A true island woman would not ask that question. We bring the heat. The UK has tamed your taste buds😁😂😂😂
    Seriously, it looks so good and I feel you. As I grow older, I cannot tolerate as much pepper, maybe being away from the island for so long.🤷🏽‍♀️

  3. My mom used to add a little brown sugar (not too much, for that size pot, hmmm, 2 pinches, (NOT 2 tsp, 2 pinches), because you don't want to make the soup taste sweet). Also, because the pepper burst, don't serve the soup too hot, let it cool a bit before consuming. If at first, when you start eating and tongue burns, rub a little brown sugar on your tongue, let it sit for a minute, then continue eating your food. Hope that helps someone. I am from Trinidad 🇹🇹