what we eat in a day 🤗 simple meals to make at home


Today we are sharing everything we ate in a day. This video is sponsored by our friends at Gardyn. You can use the code SweetSimpleVegan to get $150 off a Gardyn indoor gardening system.

Recipes are linked down below! ♥️


⋇ in this video ⋇
(00:00) Intro
(01:45) Beverages
(02:42) Vitamins
(02:49) Breakfast
(04:00) Gardyn
(08:11) Lunch:
(10:50) Dinner:
(16:35) Dessert

protein powder:
tea kettle:
athletic greens:
matcha bowl:
tiger shirt:
nonstick pans:
chili crisp:


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  1. The Gardyn looks so cool!!!! However, I am a poor kid lol. This would be half of my income for like 6 weeks. I'm not sure I can swing it this year, but maybe w/ taxes or something next year…… ? ORRRRR I could pull some creative strings & try to ghetto rig my own indoor garden system. Hm. But like…..anybody else think Keurig for herbs and greens lol. I love this idea, truly. Thanks for introducing it! Also the Peanut Sauce looks A +, I will be trying that asap!

  2. Gardyn is probably the sponsor whose products excite me the most of all brands I've ever seen collaborate with any content creator. I am definitely dreaming about it and I hope in the future I will not only be able to afford it but also get it from somewhere closer (shipping the whole thing and refills to Europe would definitely make it even more expensive and way less sustainable. One day, one day…

  3. I definitely wouldn't be able to train in such a dark room! I love exercising in the morning because sun bumps up my motivation a lot and it exercising in the afternoon requires much more from me to even start 😀 Props for getting up early and moving Chris!