What We Ate Today as a Plant-Based Family of 4: Kid-Friendly Vegan Meals


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We’ve been long overdue for a recipe video, so today we’re sharing what we eat in a day as a plant-based family of four, with an emphasis on what the kids eat. Let’s face it, babies and toddlers can be difficult to please, but we’ve gotcha covered with some of our most delicious and nutritious, kid-friendly recipes! We love starting the day with juice or smoothies, oats, and fresh fruit, snacking on muffins and other baked goods, and a quick simple lunch like pasta with red sauce. Dinner is the main event, and we absolutely live for our vegan lentil quinoa tacos with all the fixin’s! Hope this gives you some healthy inspiration for your family!

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  1. I have been overwhelmed with our family diet this past year. Wanting to make the big changes, but also feeling defeated before I even began. Thank you for sharing your low stress approach to vegan eating. It is my hope that we can get nutrition back as a priority in the months to come. 😄

  2. It is so amazing watching you as a family. What you put into your bodies and your kids bodies really shows. You guys are all GLOWING. Your kids have such bright eyes and just look so healthy. You are such an inspiration for me when I have children and make it not so scary for me in this crazy world. I am so happy I found your page.❤️

  3. I've been a subscriber for years. I'm plantbased and I use several nutritional yeast that doesn't state that they're fortified. But whenever you speak of the one you use you make it seem as if it's the ONLY one that's non fortified so my question to you is do you know if other brands are actually fortifying their Nutritional Yeast without indicating it on the package?