What We Ate Today: A High Raw Plant-based Family Of 4


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The primary focus as a high-raw plant-based family of four, is eating as much abundance, variety and color as possible! On top of that, as parents of small children, we place a heavy emphasis on plentiful plant protein, adequate iron, and healthy whole food fat sources. For optimal digestion, we also focus on starting our day with liquids (juices and smoothies), then moving to whole fruits and veggies, and then incorporating a hearty cooked dinner with lots of lentils, beans, and more veg! The new dinner recipe is EPIC, so be sure to grab our EatMoveRest meal planner app to get the full written recipe and TONS more!

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  2. Also the best water bottles are Pura! Check out If haven’t. That’s what we’ve used for years. All stainless and silicone. No plastic. The pink and white marble design Liv would love! 💖 We have blue and then a neon green, yellow and blue marble design. Fun! Also have larger for adults 👍

  3. Hahaha😂 I have been waiting for you to get a Peloton! I knew you would love it! I was going to do what you had done with your bike but man once I got a peloton it was a game changer! So much fun, it keeps your stats, and there are so many other classes you can take!

    Kendal is now my favorite. Ally love is super chill also a favorite depending on your mood.
    Oh in your settings you can choose not to show explicit music, just makes it nice that you don’t have to worry when the kids are around and you want to ride without earphones (which I like to do).

    Lane break is super fun!

    You won’t be disappointed in it, my husband now rides it more than me.

    (I need to get back on it) lol #momlife

    Spiingiirl is my name on there. (You will see I have been off for quite some time now lol)