What We Ate for Dinner this week – #Veganuary #Veganuary2023


Another realistic and honest look at what we ate for dinner over the last seven days as vegans. This includes a random trip to London.

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Down to earth veganism with Paul & Jason. We’re a married couple from Manchester who love to share our passion for vegan living with recipes, reviews, chats, fitness, fun and the odd appearance of our cat Isis. We also chat about mental health and more in kitchem vlogs.

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Paul & Jason. xx

“Down to earth Veganism”
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Vegan recipes. Vegan food. Vegan meal planning. What I eat in a day. What we eat in a day. Plant based meals.

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  1. Good morning Those vegan guys,

    Now been a minute since I have caught up with your videos, loving the boots meal deal, from you both, need to head down to my local boots very soon especially for that limited edition sandwich 🥪 🥪 Paul had, lovely, smiles….

    Also, today, Wednesday, 11th January 2023, when seeing your first meal of this meals video diary, quite fancied a burger, plant based burger 🍔 🍔 😊😊

    Lastly, I thought how nice when Paul was sharing his food with the birds, reminded me of that Christmas film Home alone when the pigeon bird lady so to speak in the film was feeding the birds, so lovely, I love doing this action too, although I know one isn’t suppose to, but I always like to share too, and yes you are right Paul, sharing is truly caring (smiles)..

    In conclusion thank you both for enlightening one to all new finds for Veganary, this is incredibly amazing and I am so grateful and very grateful for the both of you and the work you do and put in for your youtube channel, Happy new year guys, all the best for 2023, and beyond you both truly deserve it, many thanks 🙏 🙏 fellow subscriber….

    Also, I want to thank you Paul for the brimmer dinner idea, although I saw this idea 💡 💡 on the movie ‘here today’ with Triffany Haddish, was and is very delightful idea as sometimes I just fancy an upside down day, (chuckles to self)….

  2. Aw them pigeons hav found a real good friend in you 😊 Thanks for sharing the good stuff with them AND with us; I can’t get enough of your food, vlogs and of you two beautiful souls 🙏🏼💗
    Love the look of that curry kit, perfect too for chuckin in any leftover veggies etc. Herons is great for these little plant-based gems, just gets better all the time it seems. I’ll check out ur heron vlog next to get sum more ideas 😁👌🏼
    Edit: rocket mash actually does sound amazing! 🚀🥔 another one to try!

  3. hi you should do an updated heron foods i have 1 local to me and they have the cathedral city vegan cheese i have 2 of these in my fridge i recently found out lactose intolerant perfect for me as i wanted to cut dairy out lucky for me ive tried many vegan cheeses through out the years to find out which 1 i liked before i cut out diary and i have 2 favs cathedral city vegan cheese and Koko vegan cheese i also like to put these mixed in with baked beans to make cheesy beans and put it with a jacket potato and dairy free butter what more could you want my mum who is a meat eater and is now lactose intolerant has changed to lactose free but she eats vegan cheese with me and is ok she's tried many vegan products with me including kit kat vegan chocolate its a step in the right direction I'm currently using our old dairy cheese first not much left and milk other wise its money down the drain but my dairy free journey begins very soon ive been eating vegan alternatives for years as i prefer how they taste over vegetarian I'm going pescatarian now then vegan as ive not eat meat in 5 years never looking bk some things that are vegan are bad but a lots great i had a full vegan English breakfast today no regrets thank you so much for your content i prefer to do baby steps as i tend to quit easy cant wait for my full journey to start you guys are the best thank you