What they DON'T tell you about going KETO


I started my low carb journey before it got CRAZY popular, so there wasn’t a lot of information or a lot of helpful keto substitutes out there. There is a lot of good information and a lot of miss-used information out there.

This is what I wish I would have known before starting my keto journey. It really would have made the struggle not so difficult.




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  1. this is my fourth time doing keto.. 3 months best weight loss, 265 to 206, screeeech, stopped for 2 months lost nothing, but when you enjoy the rebel milk and ice cream, yummy,, in 2 more months gained 2 lbs eating like a pig, sometimes fat in the 160 to 180 so much more yum.. a week now with 180 protein finally working out again, building muscle, yay, Low Low carb for me forever, thats how it has got to be, i do pork grind pizza every day, yes every day,, im spoiled, rebel milk 15g of fat per 8 ounces, without the junk or sugar, $7.59 a half gallon,, yes im a piggy,, NOW its hard to cut the fat,,

  2. I love your videos, these are such important things to keep in mind when starting keto. I'm doing a stricter keto restart myself, I started eating keto in 2017 and I feel best when I stick to it. The only issue I have in this video is when you are talking about eating the wrong kind of carbs "like gluten" when gluten is not a carbohydrate, it's a protein. While that is the case, it also tends to be inflammatory to many people and it's always good to avoid inflammation. Thanks for always making great videos and giving us great recipes and advice.

  3. 💜🥰🤩🤗
    I'm starting over again, after going off 1 yr. ago (gained back all but 10 lbs.), I'm starting slow, making my food 90-95% keto (still no sugar, 50-20 carbs) I had Chile with beans in it, had some carrots, things like that. So far, so good. But it's only been 13 days😊
    I need this for medical reasons most of all, but I really need to lose weight (more than a little) somehow, someway, I have to make this my new normal!
    The hardest part is living with non keto people, we make it work (I make a main protein, then both a keto side, and a non keto side), but it's really hard when they get to snacking!

  4. I do 6 days under 50 carbs then 1 day, every friday, I load up on carbs. Had Ivar's breaded clams with chips for lunch and Domino's for dinner yesterday. I don't plateau and the weight loss has been amazing!! I don't check blood sugar because I'm not concerned about ketosis. My focus has been strictly losing the weight. Started In mid december at 203 and now in the mid 190's. The goal is 168. That carb/cheat day is gold in so many ways

  5. I agree, Annie, turning it into a lifestyle has been a game changer for me. Life saving, really. I still allow myself to enjoy the old family recipes and traditions for celebrations, and the occasional local cuisine treat when we travel, but otherwise, normal everyday eating is low carb, and sometimes I go stricter keto if I feel like I need a boost, but I'm careful not to be too strict for too long (working with my doctor to support the weight loss and other health benefits, but not compromising my liver). I've lost 70-80 pounds so far and have hit a plateau, but I'm maintaining during that plateau, and I still feel and function so much better than I did before losing the weight. I'm ok with this being a process and taking a little bit of time. I will be low carb forever, my body just functions better that way. And, after I started seeing success, my parents and brother have adopted this lifestyle too, and all have also lost weight, and one of my sons does it when he needs to lose a little weight. We're all so grateful to have people like you putting out so many fantastic recipes that help us do this with less stress so we can keep going on this lifestyle. Thank you!

  6. keto has been a game changer! i found it easy to do initially using the substitutes but now a year later, don't really need or want them. i think one aspect of keto that no one mentions is the way it heals your brain, especially around disordered eating. perhaps because you're finally being nourished in the best way…. i am no longer hypertensive, pre-diabetic, anemic… i can go on and on. thanks for the video and i love everything you put out!!