What I've Been Eating Lately / Nourishing Vegan Meals


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Today we’re showing you a realistic look at some of the meals we eat over the course of a few days. Hopefully you get some inspiration from this video! 🥰

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Tofu Egg Salad →
Creamy Soy Milk Ramen →
Carrot Lox (Vegan Smoked Salmon) →
New York-Style Bagels → SophisticatedGourmet.com
Traditional Mexican Wedding Cookies → Food.com

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0:00 Intro
0:15 Tofu “Egg” Salad
2:32 Sponsor Message
4:03 Carrot Lox (Smoked Salmon)
5:16 Bagels
6:46 Our Coffee Routine
7:28 Creamy Soy Milk Ramen
10:24 Tomato Basil Pasta
11:16 Sausage & Peppers w/ Roasted Potatoes
12:51 Mexican Wedding Cookies


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  1. I remember seeing this on Food Network years ago. Boil the sausages in a bit of water, with a splash of oil. As the sausages cook, the water will reduce. Once the water is gone, the remaining oil will crisp the outside and develop that awesome flavor. Comes out great each time. You can also cut them up once boiled, since they’ll be firm enough, then return the pieces to the pan to sauté them.