What I Eat to Stay Fit | Yummy Pancakes & Healthy Recipes


It’s another What I Eat video with some recipes for you! Sorry for the focus in this video, I’m obviously a professional that has been using a camera for many years and know how to focus right. Will upload all my recipes on my website very soon!

German pancake – dutch baby
3 large eggs, room temperature
1/2 cup milk, warm
1/2 cup flour
2 tablespoons sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt

2 tablespoons butter to grease the pan
Mix all the ingredients above and then bake at around 210 degree celsius for about 15 mins.

Pizza…. just use toppings you enjoy 😀

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  1. Made the German Pancake. Chloe's instructions were kind of all over the place so I had to look up other recipes to see what I had to do. Once I perfect it I think I'll comment the instructions.
    Pancakes didn't turn out good but I think it has potential. Put to much vanilla extract and the lemon curd was too lemony. Will try again tomorrow.

  2. 2 بيض + ليمون مطبوخ على النار مع السكر نخلط + قشور الليمون و نضعها على النار حتى تصبح كريمة

    بيضتين + ملح + فارينة نخلط + مغرف كبيرة سكر مطحون +نصف كأس حليب ساخن و نخلط + لافاني و نضعه في مقلات بها ملعقتين زبدة و نضع في الفرن

  3. K I would actually like to just see a vlog… day in the life. Or morning routine. I dunno… Even if it's just get up, eat, work, rest, whatever, it'd still be interesting to get a glimpse into your every day life! Also pls show how you make your lattes bc the niche zero and the la marzocco are just… chefs kiss

  4. Tried this after a workout, tbh I would’ve thumbs down this video because the instructions were all over the place. Had to replay the same parts over and over. But it came sooo good. I didn’t have a lemon, so I subbed orange zest and lemon juice.

    Recipe 5stars, execution 2 stars frfr.

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    Thank u so much 🥰