What I eat on my PERIOD | healthy & realistic recipes to feel good


What I eat on my period, so even when my stomach is bloated, I still feel good!!! Don’t forget to shop the NEW Gymshark clothing at

I’m on my period and feel MEH, so today I’m taking you through what I eat in a day when I’m on my period to feel AMAZING! It’s not about weight loss or looking a certain way, it’s always about FEELING good, strong & vibrant! Bloating is COMPLETELY natural, and you should never feel ashamed of that.

There’s lots of healthy & realistic recipes coming your way in this vlog, including the BEST plant based Christmas cookies (appropriately titled Santa’s Trash cookies)

What’s your favorite meal when it’s that time of the month? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Hello Jazmin! Thank you for these fun, lovely, sincere videos and thank you for open sharing about your life, thoughts and what you go through. You know – I started to watch your videos after it was commented by Abby Sharp – and I absolutely adore your personality. In a way, your openness and honesty talking about your feelings and what you had to go through, remind me of my own story. Watching you I am also doing the same – letting me enjoy life and all things which are brought to me – and most importantly, be thankful for all what is happening. I wish you really warm, cozy and happy Christmas! I also wish you a lot of health, and strength in your fitness journey. Somehow, I see that maybe you will occupy yourself with helping people in health or fitness – and become really successful! Wish you this from all my heart! 🙂

  2. Loved this video! You look great. I love cooking to jaz and you inspire me while I do it so much!!!
    I am making both a huge Christmas Eve and Christmas lunch this year then Christmas night we have pasta so I am prepping 3 big dinners in 2 days plus all the rolls, desserts…I’m so excited. Will be at the stores the next 5 days all day long. Your frittata looked amazing! I cannot wait for your ebook New Years!!! Please post it New Year’s Eve! Have a great Sunday! See you so soon! Love you so much❤️❤️🎄

  3. Hi ! Thanks for your incredible content, last week I posted a comment saying that I was really not feeling my best …

    I just want to say thank you to the persons who let a like (like Jazmin) or a comment (its evelina like we say in French (‘courage pour ta chaîne Youtube’) .

    I just want to say that even if you feel sad, alone, empty …there is someone that would always be by your side, guess who ? YOU so trust yourself ! Everything would be okay.

    And I really loved the green and salmon gymshark bralette and legging it looks amazing on you !
    Me too I really enjoy cooking and it's really like my best moment of the day after doing my homeworks, we can create lots of things everyday, and adapt recipes according to our desires.