What I Eat *NO SUGAR* to Kick Sugar Cravings 👊Healthy, Sugar Free Recipes | Why I Quit Sugar


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I’m quitting sugar for 30 days! Here’s just one of my days of eating zero sugar. In the last few months I have become addicted to sugar. I was constantly craving sugar. Couldn’t stop thinking about sugar. It was controlling my life and I didn’t like that. So I decided to quit sugar for a bit to detox from it.

Chocolate Frosty Recipe:







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This video covers:
tips for quitting sugar
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the negative effects of sugar
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Please do your own research on any supplement/food product mentioned before adding it to your own diet, especially if you have any underlying health conditions that may be a contraindication for the food or supplement.

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  1. Late to this game…but I have lowered how much sugar goes into my tea an coffee. I'm not much on sweets, so cakes, cookies, candies. I have to be in a mood for them..usally Halloween or a Reese's Cup. But tea is my jam an coffee is work life (night shift). My uncle gave me coffee at 7 years old. 5 teaspoon of sugar a lots of cream. Welp im now down to a teaspoon an a half an enough cream/almond milk to turn the coffee a light caramel. I would like to try it with the coconut butter soon. I know losing the sugar would help with my weight lose.

  2. Hi, Marisa. Been subscribed to your channel for at least two years now. Your work is really great and appreciated, it's nice that you upload so much for free. Your channel also gives me some insight on how americans eat. For example, it's interesting seeing the way you consume coffee (I'm from Brazil); you should get your hands on some brazilian coffee, youll probably like it. Youre looking great!

  3. I had to quit sugar, wheat, pork and milk because of my skin (anti-inflammatory-diet) and it made a huge difference with not only my weight but also my skin. The obly things that are a bit nerve wrecking are my headaches after intense workouts. But good job marissa! Quitting sugar is quite a task : )

  4. When you say sugar, do you mean processed sugar or also sugar from fruit?
    I did carnivore for 4 weeks and it was crazy how I stopped craving sugar after the first week. I had done very low carb, almost keto but I would always crave carbs and sugar but on carnivore, it was a different feeling.

  5. My family gave up extra sugar for five years when I was young, to the point where sweets, juice or even high sugar sauces would give me a debilitating headache. Then my little brother came along when i was 11 (surprise!) and sugar found its way back into my life. Even now though I have maintained some of those habits – i haven't had soft drink or juice in over 10 years, I always go for full fat options, have never bought sweetened or flavoured yoghurt, and I think most importantly, if i'm not sure about a product, I always read the nutrition information. No one needs to be scared of sugar, but I think being aware of where it is and where you can avoid it is helpful!

  6. When I go and reduce or detox from added sugar I notice that after a few days I get extreme headaches, which I think is normal from what I've researched. It's crazy how addicted to sugar your body can become! During the course of this quarantine, I've found that I've been ingesting more added sugar than I do in normal life. This video is definitely inspiring me to slowly take myself off the sugar fixes 🙂 And thanks for the book rec I will definitely have to give it a read or listen!

  7. Does having multiple fruits per day count as "sugar". I know that this is natural sugar but I find myself eating lots of fruit when I am feeling low on energy and am in need of something sweet. I also have gotten in the habit of just eating pure fruit for "breakfast" and throughout the day. I'm worried that this is causing me to keep weight on and or make me more bloated/less lean in the core area. Thoughts?

  8. I'm so glad to see your video! My parents are both diabetic so this is a great example of no-sugar added ideas they can benefit from. I myself admit I've got a sweet toothe but I would like to re-calibrate my taste buds so, I don't want or crave soooo much sugar.
    The coconut butter sounds like a great idea. is it similar to coconut oil? Where do you reocmmend purchasing it? I assume Whole foods for example? Could coconut 'butter' be used like in place of peanut butter? I do like PB as it's also a great source of protein / fats and I try to get a variety without added sugar.


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