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About Fitshortie:

On the raw food lifestyle, Simon & Tina eat mainly fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Tina has lost 70 lbs and Simon lost 50 lbs of excess weight on the raw food diet. Tina has overcome 20+ years of emotional eating (Read her free eBook here:

Simon & Tina live a 100% raw food vegan lifestyle at Traveling to the most remote jungles of our planet they have documented their journey on Instagram and Youtube where their adventures are enjoyed by millions of people worldwide!

They are the creators of The 30-Day Raw Food Challenge the health & weight loss program designed to help you reach your optimal weight & incredible health without calorie restriction.

The Fitshortie channel includes videos on tropical fruits, raw food, travel, life hacks, weight loss and how to live your dream life!

Our adventure began on Instagram when Simon aka Chippy looked up #fruitarian and was magnetized by Tina’s juicy fruit pictures. Half a year later, once in Bali, he suggested a meet-up. Inseparable since that first meeting, together they became insatiable in the hunt for the rarest best-tasting fruits on the planet.

Disclaimer: We are not doctors. Please always consult with your doctor for your own health needs and requirements. The information shared is based on our personal experience.





  1. Your all brainwashed and low vibrational people in the comments saying this isn’t a good diet… you’ve been eating dead energy your whole life which consists of burnt flesh and breast milk from a different species…. Humans are only suppose to eat plants… don’t judge what you can’t understand.

  2. Why Vegetarian are so proud to be vegetarian😂😂😂 Does not matter what you eat or drink( Unless if its not bad for your health, drink and eat healthy foods) most important thing was be humble, kind, respectful, healthy mind, have a job , to be success, have a beautiful family as well as kids, taking care of your kids until they matured, and lived happily for the rest of your life, thats it..

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