what I eat in a week | ( vegan recipes + travel vlog )


Hey friends!🌞 I always love to share what I honestly eat in a week, but this one is a little different because I’m traveling Canada! I hope you enjoy all the little vlog moments in this one!

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  1. I’m OBSESSED 🙌🏻 I really want to do something just like this. I’m also from Ontario & just took my first solo female camping trip to Pinery Prov Park. Which campgrounds did you stay at during this video? It sounds like you’re more up North Ontario which is where I’d like to go next

  2. WoW, I'm in love with the video, Julia. It's so calm, peaceful and I feel connected with nature more through the sightseeing and green vibes💚So happy to watch your video after a rough day🥰thanks for bringing these fantastic vibes to us💞

  3. I just went on vacation to the Pacific Northwest and it looked exactly like this, right next to a lake in the lush green Forest and I definitely know what you mean! Connecting with nature up there was so relaxing and spiritual, I'm glad you and you brother get to go on this adventure<3

  4. Wow Julia, I’m so happy you went on this trip!! I felt so happy seeing you enjoy yourself and cooking with that beautiful view behind you 😍, love it!! I’m excited to see more of this adventure, stay safe and keep shining ❤️.