What I Eat in a Week | Summertime Vegan Comfort Food


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Today I’m showing you what a realistic week of vegan eats looks like in our house. 🥰

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Tofu Katsu →
Hawaiian Macaroni Salad →
Potato Corn Chowder →

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0:00 Intro
0:24 Burgers on Homemade Buns & Birthday Cake
3:57 Breakfast Sandwiches
4:39 Sponsor Message
5:42 Half-Sour Pickles
6:48 Takeout Pho
7:22 Tofu Katsu
8:48 Vegan Hawaiian Macaroni Salad
10:04 Homemade Baguette
10:44 Potato Corn Chowder
12:51 Pita Bread
13:10 Cheesy Garlic Bread & Chowder
13:38 Tofu Katsu w/ Japanese Curry
14:12 Eric’s Homemade Salsa
15:12 Outro

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  1. I swear Sarah, your channel is becoming my favorite one for vegan cooking. Your recipes are so satisfying and not complicated. I just love how you come up with your own take on vegan recipes and how you say why you love the dish, or the reason you make the dish. Your voice is always so soothing and easy to listen to as well which makes your videos even more enjoyable. Thank you for the recipes! Hope your move goes smoothly and happily.

  2. This video just gave me so much life and motivation! I was living a plant based lifestyle for 2 years about a year ago and fell off the wagon. Saddling up again and bringing my family along for the journey! Thank you for the inspiration and encouragement 🙏🏽☺️

  3. Great video and love all the recipes. We're definitely going to try the potato corn chowder soon. One of our favorite things we've made lately over on our channel "LivingTheAlleyWay" is 1) creamy vegan cucumber salad, and 2) vegan raspberry ice cream made with aquafaba. This stuff is INSANELY good and we can't get enough. Looking forward to seeing more of your videos and following along with you and Eric. 💕

  4. Ciao, my grandfather on my fatherside in puglia in southern italy made a wonderful salad with cooked potatos, tomatoes, garlic, fried bell pepper and spicy pepper.. with much olive oil and a little bit salt.. wonderful to Dip into the olive oil with White bread ❤️ many greetings from Brunswick in Germany and please stay safe 🙂 i will share your Video in my cooking group at mewe..

  5. Good luck on your job of packing the rest of your place & the move to Colorado. Loved this video- Thanks for sharing. God bless you from grandma Katie in Oregon. I haven't been watching your blog cause I had an emergency lung surgery, came home after a week the 2weeks later got really sick vomiting day & night.ended in ER. It was not the dreaded c- thank God. I'm doing OK now