What I eat in a week *realistic & vegan*


Today’s video is the 4th in my weekly food diary series. I eat a lot of food that I have meal prepped, along with foods I can throw together, and more luxurious and time consuming plant based meals on the weekend! As always I try to eat as sustainably as possible, whilst also enjoying my favourite foods.

» S U B S C R I B E »

» I N S T A G R A M »

Recipes from the video:
» Lasagne »
» Baked oatmeal » 1/2 cup oats, 1 tbsp cocoa powder, 1 banana, 1 flax ‘egg,’ 1 tsp baking powder, 1 or 2 tbsp maple syrup, 1 tbsp spoon nut butter (on top). Mix in a blender, bake for 20 ish mins at 180c.

» Vegan Bunny Chef Wontons »

» White choc cookies »

» W H A T I E A T I N A W E E K #1 »

» F O O D V I D E O S ! »
» Budget meals I eat all the time:
» Almost a week of homemade vegan lunches:
» How to Make Plant Based Milks:
» How to Make Plant Based Mayonnaise:
» How to Make Nut Butters:

» W A T C H M O R E ! »
» Zero waste HABITS I actually still do:
» Minimalist HABITS I actually still do:
» 100 Healthy habits you have to try! :
» 100 ZERO WASTE swaps you have to try! :
» 100 Ways to REDUCE FOOD WASTE you have to try! :
» 100 Things to REUSE AND REPURPOSE you have to try!


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  1. Food looked so delicious! Especially that bowl with the sweet potatoes! Your food videos are consistently an inspiration to me!

    So very important question now – how do you clean the humidifier? I'm always doing my best, but never know what the best official approach is?

  2. Forager cashew milk yogurt is my favorite store bought. Just the plain and add a little honey, it’s lovely.

    I still miss thick greek style yogurt since I went dairy free, so I learned to make my own with canned coconut cream, cashews, and probiotic pills. It’s easy to do but you have to wait 48 hours for results (24 to ferment and 24 in fridge) so I don’t always have the patience 😂😂😂

    And I can’t batch make it in advance because I’ll eat it all 😬🤦‍♀️😂

  3. I see you have an Instant Pot, if your model has the ‘yogurth’ button I really recommend you try your own: a couple of spoonful of store bought yogurt and a liter of the simplest soy milk you can find (just soybeans and water). 12 hours is the magic number for me. It’s delicious!

  4. Hey Immy! Lovely video as always. 😀A few cooking tips (and commiserations):
    Beans: It’s not necessary to hold off on the salt and in fact adding a small amount of salt to the soaking and cooking liquid can actually soften the skins slightly and improve overall texture. Acid (vinegar, citrus, tomatoes, molasses) is the thing to watch out for, since it strengthens pectin in cell walls and delays softening. Also, the older your dried beans, the more unevenly they’ll cook.
    Canning and botulism: Botulism can only develop in low-acid anaerobic environments, so tomatoes are generally a very safe thing to can with a a regular water bath (not pressure canning) set-up. If you’re worried your tomatoes aren’t acidic enough, you can buy an inexpensive ph tester for extra insurance, or just add some extra acid in the form of citric acid powder. San Marzanos are ideal for preserving, and I’d also recommend planting some early girl tomatoes. Sweet 100s and Sungolds are two really delicious cherry tomato varieties if you can get your hands on some.
    Vegan yogurt: I have tried SO SO many and I find them pretty universally disappointing. Cocojune is actually pretty tasty, but it’s very high in saturated fat and has almost zero protein, so it’s more like a dessert/treat/condiment for me. I’m going to try to make my own soy yogurt using starter cultures from Cultures for Health and see how that goes.

    For more info on cooking beans and canning, I highly recommend reading these articles on serious eats:




    Hope that was helpful! Your videos always make me feel calm and inspired (but not pressured) to work on my own projects, so thank you. ❤

  5. I LOVE all the garden content! I’m going to try growing a couple different vegetables on my apartment patio for the first time and would love beginner tips. I overwatered my first seeds and accidentally killed them, so I’m hoping this time around goes better. Fingers crossed!

    Also, Culina yogurt is the best vegan yogurt in the US in my opinion. I have only seen it at Whole Foods though.

  6. We are in the process of cleaning out our winter root cellar and using up or giving away all the remaining root veggies from last year’s summer garden. This must be a reflection of the insane food prices here in northern 🇨🇦 because this year we had town folks drive way out here to our wilderness home and line up in our driveway to get a box of free organic homegrown veggies or a mesh bag of garlic and onions. I thought I would also share that one can get really creative with beets!! Our latest favourite dishes have been Roasted Beet Hummus, Roasted Beet Pasta Sauce, Beet & Citrus Salads, and an old stand-by recipe from you, Immy, Beet & Red Onion Tart. Can I just say that today’s video is giving me all the feels of a warm Spring vibe. Thanks so much for this one today, Immy, it’s great to see you back here on YT. Ⓜary💕🌿

  7. I’ve been canning for years and it is super simple! Given where you live now, do yourself a favour and get a set from Ball Mason. These jars are super affordable and reusable for so many things. They have excellent guides that carefully explain processing so your food does not spoil. It is an absolute game changer when you can make all of your own preserves, super special when you’ve grown it yourself 🙂💫

  8. canning tomatoes is the easiest thing in the world. It's a good first step for beginner canners. clean the tomatoes, dunk them into hot water to blanch the skin off, chop up and stew in a pot with some salt till they are all nice and broken down. Put into nice hot glass canning jars with hot lids and rings, with table a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice. tight lids and rings on them and water bath in boiling water for about 25 minutes. take out with can lifter and let in a draft free area on a folded towel. and listen to those jars ping shut all night.

  9. I thought I’d share my make-ahead, simple, easy, lazy, minimal dishes, yummy Yogurt Parfait recipe (but it’s so simple that it’s not even a recipe… haha!):
    Get a clear fancy mug or jar, and then layer your favourite frozen fruit (sliced or chopped) with plant-based plain yogurt. Repeat the layers of fruit and yogurt. Put in the fridge overnight… eat the next day (throw on any toppings such as nuts, seeds, coconut, etc.). It’s perfect for lunches if made in a tupper. My favourite Yogurt Parfait is made with frozen cherries🍒🍒. Like I said… it’s not even a recipe… but it’s simple, tasty & similar to your version. Thanks, Immy, for the awesome update and chill kitchen vibe. Ⓜary🍒🫐🍓