WHAT I EAT IN A WEEK | Realistic Vegan Week of Meal Prep


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bircher muesli:
spicy tempeh salad:
roasted red pepper pasta:
roasted broccoli soup:

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  1. Thank you for talking about height being a factor, I watch so many dietitians who would say what I eat is too low in calorie, but it's the perfect amount for me, I don't loose weight, I stay the same and its a healthy weight for my height. Appreciate you mentioning it!

  2. Hi Madeleine, could you show us a healthy protein bar recipe please?( you may have already done one and I’ve missed it!! ). There is that much sugar in a bought one some of them are so deceiving and are not actually healthy. Great recipes thank you. ❤

  3. don't take too much pressure about reading those 52 books! it's nice to have goals like that but sometimes it creates more pressure than gives inspiration. also, I just wanna point out, sarah j maas' books are the worst of adult fantasy (there are SO MANY better ones out there) and the author is quite harmful to minorities, so if you still want to read them, I recommend getting them from the library! I know they're super popular but the writing and handling of minority characters is trash.

  4. I love to watch your videos. They are always so delicious and you seem like a person who loves food. You also eat sweets and that makes you so normal❤,
    That is fine,i only wish,i could enjoy food that much😔. I am also a tall person and struggle with my weight and figure. I am allergic to alot of things,eg.nuts,etc. This makes it hard for me to eat fully vegan,but i do enjoy what i eat.

    Beetroot gives me an idea😎. I had beetroot chips sometime ago. Why don't you try to make some?. Maybe just clean them, peel them, put them on the oventray. Springle with salt and pepper and drizzle with a bit of olive oil,then bake them?