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My name is Maryana Dvorska! My channel is mostly vlogs that are based around health (both mental & physical), as well as fashion, and other random bits and pieces of my life! I post lots of full days of eating videos, easy & healthy recipes, mental health chats, & now my new pup. We both hope you stick around!





  1. YOU NEED TO HAVE BREAD, OLIVE OIL AND ZAATAR, i highly recommend that you try to find zaatar from a local middle eastern shop or the farmer's market!! a lot of people think its a spice that you add on to food (it is a spice but not for this purpose lol), youre supposed to take a piece of bread, dip in olive oil and then dip it in zaatar and eat!! you will never look back haha

  2. Maryana❤ I've been watching your videos for years now. You are my favorite. Sending you hugs and a big thank you for everything. You helped me a lot. Not just with my relationship with food, but also with the way I treat myself around it. Have a magical day💫

  3. 🌟✨👀Yes🇧🇷Sim💓Eu💖Te💘Amo💞D➕💛Amor❤️Maryana Dvorska🌹💗Fã🐩🔝😻💦💦💦👅(💧)💋🖕🏾Chupâ↔️Cû↔️Dela Ela Toda💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦(👅(💧)👅)💗Fã🐩🔝😻💋Se🖤Amamos🖤💍🌗💍💛Maryana Dvorska🌹Fã❤️💋Amo❤️Maryana Dvorska🌹💛Fã↔️Eu Te Amo❤️I Love You❤️Good↔️Boa↔️Yes↔️Sim🇧🇷Pedro Henrique Bastos Dos Anjos↔️Eu➕Maryana Dvorska🌹Fã✨Agente Se Ama Vamos Se Casar Choca Mundo🌍Maryana🌎Dvorska🌹Fã❤️🌏Não É Hû Amor💋💍🖤💍🌗💍💛💍🇧🇷🔝Maryana Dvorska🌹😻I Love You❤️Eu Te Amo❤️Maryana Dvorska🌹Fã💛💍🌓💍🖤Pedro Henrique Bastos Dos Anjos💌Eu💋Te🖤💍🌗💍💛🆕Oi📲03183996102822📲✌🏾👤⌚🤙🏾Age👁️Idade👁️02/12/1990❤️Amor❤️Feliz Ano Novo💛🔟💯Maryana Dvorska🌹Fã💍💛💍🌗💍🖤💍Pedro Henrique Bastos Dos Anjos🖤Maryana Dvorska🌹🔟💯✨🌟Vem↔️Comes✈️🚁🚗🏍️ 🚌🛳️❓🏠🌴🕊Praia↔️Beach🌊🏊🏾‍🌊Jacumã🔂Conde-PB=PARAiBA🇧🇷BRASiL🇧🇷BRAZiL🇧🇷🌎➕🆗❗👀Maryana Dvorska🌹Fã💛💍🌗💍🖤I Love You💛Eu🖤Te❤️Amo❤️ Maryana Dvorska🌹Fã💛💍🌗💍🖤Pedro Henrique Bastos Dos Anjos✌🏾✊🏾👊🏾👤⌚👍🏾💍👁️🔝✨💰D➕🔟💯✨🌟❤️Amor💋➕🆗🔀🆗❗ 👀Nascesse Pará Ser Minha Sim💛Amor❤️Fã💍Maryana Dvorska🌹Fã💛💍🌗💍🖤💍Pedro Henrique Bastos Dos Anjos💋Nós❤️Amor❤️🔟💯0️⃣Nossa Vida Pedro Henrique Bastos Dos Anjos🖤💍🌗💍💛Maryana Dvorska🌹Fã💛Amor❤️💯0️⃣🔟💋🔥💣Tû🔸💟❤️💛💍🌓💍🖤🧡💌Sim🔝D➕Se↔️Amamos🖤💍🌗💍💛Bonitos↔️Beautifuls🔸.🗣️🔊