What I eat in a day & WHY | Healthy & Easy home cooked meals | Sanne Vloet


What I eat in a day | Healthy & Easy home cooked meals | Sanne Vloet | Shop my favorite supplements here:

Hi loves,

Sorry for the little delay! This week has been crazy! It is so much happening this spring with Soul Sync Body, Nekohama and the wedding coming up. I have so much content to share with you so I hope you’re ready for some good vlogs coming up!

I have been recipe testing a lot of new recipes for the upcoming meal plan on Soul Sync Body – and I am so excited to share it with you! In this video I am cooking some super simple yet delicious home made meals and I hope you can get some inspiration to cook at home this weekend.

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  1. I'm curious, how much do you all spend in groceries every month in your country?
    I live in Sweden, and the food prices here are just INSANE! 😱
    My partner and I spend an average of 1.146 USD /month just on groceries for the two of us, like what is going on 👀😅 and we don't even buy very much organic because that's even pricier. I feel like we're being ruined 😢

  2. Hi I remember that you’ve told in one video that during the first months of pandemic you start eating bad and gaining weight but soon after you went back go healthy eating. Could you tell us more in another video how to like and love staying in the healthy eating. It’s so difficult for me even if I know I have digestive issues for not eating good. 🙁 I’d love if you tell more

  3. Been here sick for a couple of days and It’s hard to find any enjoyable things to do because I feel bad and guilty about just resting/doing nothing. But I think by this video I can get my anxiety and stress away for a moment. You’re truly endearing xoxo

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