what I eat in a day (vegan, realistic, healthy)


welcome to another what I eat in a day video! this video features some meal-prepped Just Egg frittatas, a quick post-workout lunch of teriyaki tempeh, garlic green beans, and rice, and a platter of game day finger foods for dinner. enjoy! 🥰

0:00 Intro
0:50 Frittata Cups Meal Prep
2:25 Breakfast
3:11 Going to the Gym
4:46 Lunch
7:12 Sarah’s Snack Obsession
7:48 Bandit’s Interlude
8:06 Dinner
12:39 Dessert

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Welcome to Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen! My name is Sarah Sullivan. I share vegan recipes, from healthy meal ideas to plant-based versions of comfort food dishes I used to love.





  1. Thx for U:
    I just wanted to let U know that U are " Beautiful "….
    Part of your Beauty is actually your full disclosure about how shy U really are while being Brave enough to manage.this Channel 👏🏿must mention how much You and your Man…just vibe…effortlessly.
    It's like knowing that U have support…without really needing it..
    U have helped keep Me Vegan….
    Again, I thank U 🌿💚

  2. Thank you!!! You two are BEYOND ADORABLE:) I'll watch anything you care to share. Sarah, you are so talented, never apologize for not baking your own bread or whatever. You do so much from scratch. I love your posts on IG. So real, so relatable, even though I could be yo mamma. <3 🙂

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