What I eat in a day | Vegan HIGH Protein Meal Prep


The number one question I often get is “What do you eat as a vegan athlete?” so here is what I eat in a typical day only maintaining not really counting macros. So here is some healthy, protein packed meal prep I have in my rotation.

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  1. I was vegan for many years! but the high fiber diet gave me diverticulitis to the point that after 12 years I had to give it up to go on a low fiber animal product based diet! ….I felt good physically but worse emotionally! A few months ago I started a low fiber vegan diet and it works great! I'm very happy!…..I'm starting to believe that people leave the vegan diet because of the excessive consumption of fiber!

  2. What you eat in a day: out of season gmo plants of which 90% are new species created by man through agricultural practices. Oddly enough, it's an unnecessary dietary practice as there are no essential carbohydrates. You're diet shouldn't require lab created supplements to replace what was lost through diet.

    Want a truly healthy diet, eat animal meats and organs and low carb fruits and vegetables IN SEASON and preferably LOCAL.

  3. nice to have you back <3 i'd love a collab w the remaining Vegan Avengers <3 😀 or what if Derek Simnett, Crystal, Bianca and you go on a sort of bootcamp trip for a a week or two and vlog the training sessions and mealprep and whatever you'd like to share of the trip 🙂 oh and Brian Turner and Sammy as well <3