What I Eat in a Day (vegan comfort food)


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00:00 intro
00:20 coffee
00:50 breakfast potatoes
01:43 lite meal prep
02:19 sponsor message
03:06 immi taste test
06:18 kung pao tofu dinner
08:37 spinach artichoke dip
09:36 cookies and latte





  1. Just posting to say thanks and that I really enjoy your channel. I just love your stuff. It's relaxing and easy to watch and you guys both have personalities I enjoy seeing. I'm a San Diego guy so maybe there's something about your vibe that rings familiar to me. I don't know but it's very enjoyable and you both seem like you would be fun people to know. Also, your recipes are great and really WORK, which isn't always the case with other vegan authors IMPE. Everything I've tried from your website is spot on and delicious. And if I want something basic, like say mayo, or something, you are my trusted go-to because I'm sure it will be as advertised. So thanks and much love. Thought I should at least say something for how many hours I've watched. I hope you keep doing what you're doing for a long time.

  2. Missed you both guys. I really hope you'll find yourself inspired and motivated to make any kind of content for us in the upcoming year because any time you release a video I am (and many others are) very happy! Wishing you a great 2022 filled with good energy, exciting projects and gratifying work (of any kind!). May the stars (and planets :D) be on your side in the upcoming months! Lots of love!