What I Eat In A Day On Keto | WARNING: I'm Struggling!


A full day of EASY keto & low carb meals. Low carb breakfast, lunch, dinner & drinks. Plus a health update during the chat. Everything I mentioned in todays video is linked below PLUS lots of discount codes so you can save money when ordering keto products online. I hope you have an amazing September 😘 Thanks for watching.

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  1. Listening to you I'm wondering if I was misdiagnosed? I was told type 2. Numbers all over the place. However, I know that soy messes with me bad. More and more low carb and even keto prepackaged foods have added it to their ingredients. I had been on 4 meter readings and insulin doses a day. Depression. Big time. Then they gave me Trulicity. One injection a week.
    At any rate, I know you work hard at this. I know that if Heavenly Father wants me here (I've been in ICU enough) I will be here. I think that when we're doing all we know to do and it's not working, He intervenes. I'm 68 years old and also above ground. The day He says enough is enough I'll be walking on streets of gold and hanging with loved ones that went ahead of me, eating what there is to eat without checking the meter!! Hugs my dear. I'm praying for us.

  2. Hate you have to struggle with insurance companies. But, insurance companies have doctors and nurses reviewing medical necessity. In fact, you have to be a licensed medical professional to decide (approve or deny.). A lot of denials are made because the proper documentation is not submitted. Sadly, there are people that get things that should not which has led to the reason there are stringent requirements. I hope it works out for you. If you appealed and I listened to your rationale, I would approve it. As you have said in other videos, there are people getting the testing supplies that don’t need it. Insurance companies are trying to make sure the right people get the supplies they need. Not always what they want.

  3. I am so sorry you are dealing with the red tape crap of health care BS. You are such a wonderful person and we all love you here and think the world of you. You make a difference. I had my hip replaced almost a year ago and so for the last year and 1/2 my life too has been changed forever. I took Gabapentin and that ruined me. I only took it for a few weeks but it triggered something to make me feel like I had Parkinson's. I don't have the bone on bone pain but I am in pain everyday and do not feel right in my body anymore. I get it, I feel broken. I am sorry you feel that way. I am thankful you have love and family. I am alone and that makes it even harder. HUGS we love you.

  4. I really hope the appeal goes through soon😊

    I also want to let you know I really enjoy your channel and vlogs, and when I found out your actual age was late 40s, I was shocked. You do not look it you look closer to late 30s or 40 and you are beautiful!

    I know things are hard right now, but hang in there ♡

    I hope your next few weeks start to go better 🙂

  5. Kristy have you thought of going on Medicare? I know you dont work out of the house but your deiabetes is def out of control and it may be bad enough for you to get medicare. Ask your doctor. Sometimes medicare denies too but submit again and you might get it.

  6. Kristi …. Why do YOU and I feel it’s negative when we state FACTS??? I do the same. So please try and stop saying sorry for things you can not control! You have every right to feel bad,frustrated. You did great stating the positive and things you are thankful for! Keep fighting the good fight, you help so many people, thank you!

  7. As frustrating as T1 can be, I truly believe that my diagnosis 6 years ago is what is leading me to my true path in life. I was in college going for a completely different degree when i got my diagnosis, and that is what led me to the field of nursing, because i want to become a diabetic educator someday, and potentially revamp/bring back the educator program at our hospital. Nobody understands diabetes more than a diabetic themselves, and if i can at least bring some kind of peace and education to my patients by sharing my experiences and to remind them that they're never alone and bring them some sort of peace of mind, then I know that my work is truly what im meant to do ❤️
    Its still hard some days, and i still just want a burger fries and ice cream sometimes and not have to count and dose and deal with technology issues and miscalculated insulin doses, but thats normal! Its normal to want to be normal 🤪 just know you're not alone, even though it doesn't take away the desire to be normal ❤️

  8. You absolutely did NOT cause anything bad to happen! You are one of the sweetest people I've seen. I feel like you are almost a friend. Never worry about anything you did. You're only guilty of doing right by yourself. Look at your beautiful family. They love you so much. They know. I wish I could hug you.

  9. Sweet Kristi, I'm so sorry to hear about your issues. Honestly, it sounds to me like you have Lyme disease. Especially because Doxy helped. Lyme disease, especially long term, untreated, Lyme can cause reactive hypoglycemia. Brain fog and blood sugar problems are very common issue for long term Lyme sufferers. The joint pain you describe and other issues you mention sound a lot like Lyme. Have you ever been tested? Lyme patients who do well on Doxy and then stop treatment, can have a sudden resurgence, or worsening of symptoms. I pray that you're better soon.

  10. Pure greed! There’s no reason why bacon should go from $12 to $19 in a matter of weeks. Did I miss something? I don’t understand why your meds were changed. I’m of the mindset, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I have little trust in doctors, so I’m sure it’s just me. Why are they pushing a new drug on you? I hate that you are suffering so, especially with the whole I insurance thing. Uggh! Frustrating…I know. Oh sweetheart, I wish I could give you a big hug. ❤ I wholeheartedly agree. If your doctor deems it’s medically necessary, then that should be it. Karma? Is this a result from the stomach surgery? A side effect or something? I don’t understand why you think it’s your fault. Oh girlfriend, you make a difference alright. About a year or so ago you posted a suicide hotline number, believe me, you make a difference! ❤You’ve got the best husband too. Enjoy this time together. Enjoy this life, my friend. Laura

  11. I'm a T2 diabetic and just managing it on a daily basis is a job/ responsibility. I can only emphasize with you as a T1 because there is no opportunity for remission. I'm pray everything works out in your favor as it should. 🙏

  12. I've been through that Insurance crap several times. A few times medicines were necessary for me to live. If you have a good rapport with your endocrinologist. Talk to them about it and see if they can help you, especially being your type 1. Might be worth a try.. I hope it works out

  13. I’m so sorry you’re going through all these obstacles with the insurance companies. How can someone in a cubicle decide what you do or don’t need. With those meds, no wonder you feel down and foggy. Keep your chin up. You are loved. And you did NOT cause this! I’m doing Keto because I’m pre diabetic. I’m so tired of pricking my fingers, but it’s a must do, for now.

  14. You help many people with your honest and real talks. I agree the insurance company should have no choice on what people need if it comes from a dr. I pray they approve you. I can’t imagine what you must be going through knowing there is something that could make your life and health so much better and being denied by insurance. My heart truly goes out to you. I’m glad your husband is so supportive and goes out of his way to raise your spirits

  15. You have been such an inspiration for so many people. Now it's your turn to lean on us for support. You've never done anything to deserve what you've been going through. My current favorite quote is "They whispered to her, you cannot survive the storm. She whispered back, I am the storm." It's even overtaken my therapist's favorite, which is, "It will all be okay in the end. If it's not Okay, it's not the end." The American medical system is so screwed up. Please keep fighting for the pump. You are entitled to the best medical care. The insurance companies don't even audit most of the responses anymore. They just auto-deny and hope nobody stands up for themselves. You've got this, Kristi and we've got your back!

  16. Praying for you Kristi! You have help and inspired so many people, always remember that!! A few years ago I was diagnosed with T2 and 50 lbs overweight. I’ve lost some of the weight and have a perfect A1c now. I think about you every time I use any air fryer recipe or drink an occasional Bang! Tried so many new things I learned from you. You inspire us all with your humor, real life experiences and determination!!

  17. I was nervous about starting hydroxychloroquine. I also had my prescription ready and waiting for me to start taking it. I’m glad I did. Still have things and flares, but I think I feel better on it than I would be not on it. Please hear me when I say, you are making a difference! I have so many issues that you do (but type 2 that doesn’t cooperate and acts like type 1) and it is nice to know we are not alone. I love your videos and your courage to share your journey. Thank you! I’m praying for your brighter days ahead! ❤