WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | High Protein, Healthy & Easy Meals


hi beauty! sharing what I eat in a day, these are all simple high protein, healthy and easy meals and yummy! let me know if you try any! ps this is a small insight into what I’m eating, not every day is the same! lot’s of love xx

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  1. bit of a random question, but do you think an Apple Watch or Fitbit is better? I have a Fitbit inspire 2 at the moment, thinking of upgrading but not sure what to? what do you recommend as I'm sure I've seen you with a Fitbit and an Apple Watch 🙂 love this video xxx

  2. oliviaaaaa ure so cute i canttt 😭 the cutest ❤ wanted to share a lil something with u <33 3 months ago i found yoyr youtube channel and watched one of your what i eat in a day videos and let me tell u that your tips , the talk u had with us about fitness , sustainability , health and exercising and everything it just blew my mind and honestly got me out of my restriction cycle . three months later (now ) , im having proper meals , exercising and having recovery days , enjoy my food , meal prep , enjoy life so this video means so much to me and actually you mean so much to me <33 thank u so much !!! i cant really thank u enough , so i ll keep yhanking u over n over again about being so kind to us and having such a wonderful mindset u literally made me change mine for the best , oliviaa thank u for making me believe in recovery and thank u for making me enjoy three of the best months of my life ❤