What I Eat In A Day | Easy Budget Friendly Meal Prep Vegan Breakfast Ideas


Do you love sheet pan meals as much as I do? They make clean up a breeze and are just really simple to make. Especially these vegan breakfast sheet pan meal ideas for the holidays!

These meals are delicious in the flavor department and whether you are feeding yourself or a family, they will be great for everyone!

Both are great if you need to meal prep as well!

Check out these ideas and let me know in the comments which one your most excited to try!

★Recipes Used★

🌱 Vegan Sheet Pan Pancakes:

🌱 Vegan Cinnamon Roll Sheet Pan Pancakes:

🌱 Vegan Sheet Pan Breakfast Hash:


00:00 Easy Vegan Sheet Pan Breakfast Meals
00:01 How to Make Vegan Sheet Pan Breakfast Hash
3:27 Vegan Sheet Pan Breakfast Hash Finished
3:45 One Food I miss since going vegan
4:24 Number One Rule For Sheet Pan Meals
4:55 Swaps for this meal
5:47 How to Make Vegan Sheet Pan Pancakes
7:58 Vegan Sheet Pan Pancakes Finished
8:08 Why this meal is perfect for budgets
8:33 Pantry Challenge
9:07 Can I make these gluten free?
9:25 Oil Free Swaps
9:55 Does sheet pan size matter for pancakes

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  1. I am obsessed with this channel. I am a newbie WFPB and I am looking for new meals not processed vegan meals but simple whole food plant food meals that include food grown from the ground. I want to eat a cruciferous vegetable every day. I hate Brussels sprouts but I want to eat them and I want a good way to prepare Brussels sprouts that will make them taste good

  2. Up here in Toronto, I buy my spices from the bulk store instead of the packages from the grocery store. Much cheaper and since I buy less more often,and the spices are alway flavourful.
    I've decided to dramatically change my diet and lifestyle in the last few months. I'm not going to be vegan, but closer to a vegetarian. I figured I was foolng no one including myself and made changes.
    Your videos are a great help

  3. in addition to using parchment paper (which IS paper and comes from trees )for lower oil recipes, I highly recommend getting some of the silicon mats that fit your trays. There are lots available online (and maybe you can buy a teeny whisk too, lol) , they don't stick and can be used repeatedly.
    I've lately gotten into white whole wheat flour. It's MUCH lighter than the other whole wheat flour, yet it is the whole grain, so more fiber. It's just a variety that is lighter in color and texture.

  4. You pulled out the sheet pan and I was like…. HELL YAH! Turn up the cozy…? Count me in! It's winter in MI. I have a sheet pan out at least 3 times a week! Another green that holds up well in the oven is collards. I've eaten a truck load of collards in November. Two cups of collards contain the following RDAs… 16% Calcium, 20% Vitamin A, 28% Vitamin C and 23% Folate. It's a POWERHOUSE green! Two cups is about half the bunch you get at the grocery store. In regards to recipe 2… As Marie Antoinette allegedly said… Let them eat cake. PS: I used your chili recipe for Thanksgiving and Native American Heritage Day celebrations. Huge hit! PEEEEEEEEEAAAAACCCCCCE!