What I Eat in a Day! Detox Water, Healthy Recipes, Pro-Metabolic Nutrition + At Home Workout


what I eat in a day, healthy recipes, at-home workouts, we have a chat about how to get enough protein, and we just hang out! love you the most! xx Cambria

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sharing healthy lifestyle tips to help you live your most healthy, confident, fit, and beautiful life! love you 🙂 xo Cambria Joy

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  1. I overthink everything I eat because I’m scared I’m “doing it wrong” for example, I will go to make 3 eggs sometimes I’m feeling really hungry for breakfast but I get scared it should only be two, how many eggs do I need to get enough protein? How do you know when you have the right amounts without being restrictive and overthinking everything?

  2. Hey Cambria! Can you start at least listing what the athletic wear you are wearing is? Even if you don't go hunt things down to link them; I am always curious about your choices when it comes to workout clothes! (plus you always look super cute 😊 )

  3. omg dying at the rolling palm tree! hahah! I was literally screaming with you Cam!! I would love more tips on pro metabolic nutrition, facts, recipes all the good stuff! I love learning from you <3 also I was getting teary eyes near the end when u showed us your workout and how you said love is what will be remembered. true self acceptance and love is hard especially in a world constantly telling me I am not enough. and its easy to slip into that mindset and forget how much love God has for me, how much He has always had for me. thank you for the reminder, Cambria. Love u so much!!

  4. 17:04 – thanks for these kind and motivating words Cambria. I haven't seen many videos like this one regarding how to lead a healthy lifestyle via meal and workout ideas – it makes me feel comfortable and lovely in my own skin. I definitely don't feel like I have to strive to be perfect – thanks to your videos.
    Hope you and Bo are keeping well – looking forward to another video! <3 much love, God bless xx

  5. I just love Bo’s reactions to everything! Like he didn’t care about the plant until he saw the mess he was going to have to deal with haha. I feel like I was screaming along with you in the car😂 Also I’ve been loving the relationship series on the podcast. Even as a single person I greatly benefit from the wisdom you share❤️

  6. OMG. You are just so encouraging. The nuggets of wisdom and love you share are more impactful than you know. I always appreciate them in every video, but what you shared during the workout sequence in this video brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face. My heart needed that today. Thank you!

  7. I also detox daily. It's called a liver and two kidneys. A little water is good, too. The liver doesn't actually need our help doing what it was designed to do. No need to spend money on special (expensive) supplements. But you do you. Plus if I had a lemon tree, I'd add lemons to everything!