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My full day Ayurvedic Meal Plan. We’ve been learning Ayurveda lately and reaping the benefits of Ayurvedic way of living. I hope you enjoy these healthy recipes. These are totally sage and nutritious recipes and fit for all age groups.

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  1. Hey Samyukta,
    I stumbled upon this video of yours and simply loved it…
    The way you have grown your greens…. methi greens…

    Loved your lifestyle.. and have subscribed to you channel for more motivational content for a more natural and healthy lifestyle..

    Warm Regards
    Loads of love.

  2. Hello Mam, accidentally I came across your channel and just subscribed it as I liked the very first video. Mam request you to help me on diet plan for my hubby. He is 53 years and takes anti coagulants as his value was replaced 30 years ago. Really need your help. Thank u and awaiting response.

  3. Hi. Your kids eats same food ? do they too dine before sunset ? even i want to be healthy & loose 10kg. but with i make meals & backs for my 4yr daughter plus husband too needs proper meals & i have to eat that & so cannot follow a weight loosing diet.
    hope you understood my prblm. any tips how shuld i manage my diet ?


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