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It’s been a while! So many things happening….. Let me start first how are YOU doing? Isn’t it crazy we are already at the end of April. Do we feel the year is going by quickly or slowly?

My life has been kinda upside down in the last few weeks. The renovations have quite some delays and I am trying to stick to my routines, habits and other things what make me feel at home! I just can not wait to show you how all the new interior designs are going to look like and show you all new recipes in a new kitchen!

I wanted to share a new what I eat in a day with you as well! ( my favorite videos) and share my story with thin hair and hair loss. All our wellness journeys are different but I am always surprised when I share my experiences how many of you can relate or have doubt with the same problems! Just a quick shoutout here to my loving and positive community! You are honestly the best support I could wish for.

Hope everyone has wonderful weekend! We are off to Austin to talk about a potential matcha health bar, how fun would that be?

Big hugs

Risotto recipe I used:

My big waterbottle with straw:

My water kettle

The bowl: I am so sorry I wasn’t able to find it!

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  1. Hi beautiful! I actually used to have the same rash on my upper eyelids in the same spot you do. It’s connected to a sluggish liver and heavy metals in the body. I have worked to heal my liver with no caffeine and a whole foods plant based diet and a much lower to no fat intake. Celery juice and a heavy metal detox smoothie in the morning has worked wonders. I don’t have the recurring rash at all anymore! 💖💖