What I Eat For GUT HEALTH ( 5 vegan recipes )


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Hey friends and welcome! 🌞 Gut health is so important to our over all health, while no one meal can heal your gut I hope to inspire you to get into the kitchen more often and create recipes with gut healing elements. Such as lots of fresh fruits and veggies, fermented foods and anti inflammatory spices like turmeric! Remember healing your gut takes time, so give yourself the love and grace you deserve on your journey.

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  1. Hello Julia!
    Love your content! Besides, I got to say sometimes these kind of general instructions for gut health are not very helpful and sometimes they are even harmful. Speaking from a health professional perspective (and also someone who has suffered from gut issues) some "healthy" foods may be very triggering for some people with IBS and diarrhea, such as lentils and ginger. Although you can always give your opinion, I'm afraid desperate people may follow instructions that do not necessarily fit them! I didn't mean to be nosy, but I've been there myself.
    Love your content and your vibes!

  2. Make sure you all CLEAN YOUR LEEKS WELL! Dirt hides in between all those layers. A good way to clean them is to thinly slice the white/light green parts, then massage in a water bath, strain them, and rise. Do this at least 2 times and you’ll get all the dirt out!

  3. Great looking recipes as always. Now all that's left is for me to stop being satisfied with secondhand enjoyment and finally try to recreate some of these. I've mostly just been mimicking some of your simple kitchen hacks. The most useful for me so far is your technique of pressing garlic cloves before peeling them which makes it go so much faster. I'd been slow peeling garlic for years like a chump so thanks for that. 😊👍

  4. Julia ! Girl love your recipes but sis please don't place your phone near your chest. It's dangerous because of emission of radiation through the skin can cause breast cancer.Please try to purchase a phone holder or something or put it in your pant pocket. Lots of Love xoxo