What I eat everyday as a keto vegan – Cream soup with croutons


This is one of the most frequently made soups in my kitchen. You can practically use any veggies you like and they will turn out creamy and gorgeous. This hearty soup will warm you up from the inside out.

Keto crusty buns in the video:


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Any combination of veggies you have in your kitchen! (I recommend onions or mushroom or tomatoes as a base)
Coconut cream or coconut milk (or any plant-based milk or vegan yogurt)
Salt and pepper to season
Fresh parsley

Any of my keto bread

Fresh parsley

If you don’t have bread available to make croutons, try toasted walnuts! X






  1. I took a quick look at some of your early videos and its great to see that over time you've found your place on youtube, and really have come into your own voice (figuratively, not literally).

    I have to ask though. How is Kat doing, and how are Kat's Cats?

  2. As a family, we’ve lived low carb for twelve months. My daughter and I have metabolic syndrome, both my children have autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and my husband has just been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS).

    . Before embarking on our low-carb journey, I was 389 pounds. Since I discovered this keto article, I weigh 267 pounds. My daughter was 276 pounds and is now 209 pounds (95 kilos), my son was 231 pounds and is now 194 pounds . He “cheats” a bit while at university – and my darling husband was 254 pounds and is now 176 pounds. Every time we lose 22 more pounds (10 kilos), we treat ourselves to low-carb cheesecake. Thanks to keto diet.

  3. Your recipes always look so amazingly delicious and healthy, and I love watching your videos. Like others have had, you have a voice I could listen to for hours. I do have one general question, do you count carbs when you refer to things as being “keto”? I find it hard to have things like carrot, onion, and large amounts of garlic (all things I love) and stay in my carb range. I would find it hard to make this soup and not overindulge it looks so amazing!

  4. Fan, I absolutely adore you! 🥰
    This soup looks so good. I can almost taste it. Your croutons are a lovey touch. I have yet to try your crusty bun recipe. I will for sure be wanting these garlicky croutons the next time I make soup! By the way, I finally received my organic chili flakes today so I will be able to make your hot chili oil/sauce this week. I’m so excited! 😊