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  1. Girl!! I love the joy in your face!! You are such a ball of energy even though you are tired. Thank you for still making content. We appreciate it. And these are awesome recipes. I actually am baking your banana oat bar recipe now 😂. I am vegan so I did an egg replacement. How much milk, sweetener, and oats do you put in it? And can you link the two machines: the bread machine and the one that cooks dumplings

  2. Girl, were ever even vegan?
    You said you added animal products back out of "necessity", but you are eating a milk ice cream…? How is a milk ice cream a necessity? Just go for some vegan treats and sweets, gosh.
    Do you know what cows go through in order for people to get their milk? They forcibly impregnate them, steal their babies, which causes severe distress and trauma to both the mother and baby, and if the baby is a boy he gets slaughtered soon after his birth. After being repeatedly impregnated and tortured, the cows get slaughtered in 4-5 years when they have stopped being profitable (cows usually live up to 20-25 years). A lot of these cows are pregnant while slaughtered.
    You are about to be a mother soon, imagine if someone did this to you and your baby just to steal your milk for an ice cream…

  3. Are Korean sweet potatoes sweeter? Im gonna be real. I am a southern girl, but i cant eat American sweet potatoes. They Don’t taste bad to me, but its that feeling of “what is in my mouth?” Its confusing. I love white potatoes.

  4. I have so much trouble eating during pregnancy. Im 10 weeks atm, and have stomach acid which I already get medication for. I cant cook because the smells make me nauseous. I so hope that it’s getting better after 12 weeks. I really want to eat healthy again 😞