what I ate today feat. simple vegan recipes


Here’s all the simple (but delicious!) vegan food that I ate in a day! Get $5 off your variety pack of immi ramen with code FROMMYBOWL:
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  1. I worked an office job, on computers, for almost 20 years. The best tip is to take frequent breaks. Even if ypu have to set an alarm, experiment for what works best for you. I kept water on my desk and drank lots of water all day, requiring frequent bathroom breaks. HAHA! Seriously, set an alarm for every half hour and grt up and take a short walk, stretch, give your eyes a break from the screen. Let your eyes focus 20 feet away for a few minutes at a time before returning to your desk.
    Maybe take a mini chair-yoga break once or twice a day. And, if you feel stressed, it doesn't hurt to meditate for a few minutes.

  2. I've been following you for quite some time now and never have commented. But you had me at Harry Potter 🥰 my absolute favourite. Thanks for all the food inspiration. It's almost Summer where I am so it's smoothie weather 🇦🇺🏝
    There's nothing wrong with slowing down. I find I achieve way more focusing on one thing at a time. Taking breaks and getting out into nature. I don't do social media, or consume much….let's call it chatter for want of a better word. I can't think of another right now haha, from the outside world, it's so freeing and way less stressful 💞 focusing on my family, health and what makes me happy is where I'm most at peace 🙏

  3. I work a desk job from home and also feel really exhausted looking at a computer and phone screen all day. A few times throughout the work day I like to just lay flat on my back on my floor for a few minutes and take some deep breathes, and also pet my kitty as she usually walks up to me.