What I Ate Today ☀️🌱 Healthy + Balanced Vegan Meals!


This is everything I eat in a day when I want to eat healthy, well balanced meals that still taste good! Plus 7 ways to reset and feel my best in 2022! Recipes below 👇 Click for 10% OFF Osea’s Undaria Seaweed Body Butter: USE CODE NIKKIVEGAN10 for 10% off!

In this What I Eat in a Day video I’m sharing an easy breakfast recipe, how to feel full and satisfied useing Dr. Gregor’s Daily Dozen checklist, how to make my meal-prep friendly Rice and Lentil Nourish Bowls with my favorite One Minute Sauce and some easy reset tips for 2022 to help me feel my healthy, vibrant and energized!

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✰ Restaurant Style Brussel Sprouts:

Sleep article:
Sleep book (life changing!)

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DISCLAIMER: this video is kindly sponsored by Osea.

I hope you enjoyed watching this What I Eat in a Day video! If you enjoyed seeing these healthy and balanced meal ideas and tips for healthy meals that keep you feeling full, please let me know by giving it a thumbs up and comment below and let me know what the best thing YOU ate today was!





  1. I had a bowl of kitchari I made with red split lentils, rice and a bunch of spices with some steamed broccoli and a little bit of cilantro lime sauce I made a few days ago. So flavorful and nourishing! Also I am obsessed with the osea body oil. It's not cheap but so worth it especially if you live in a cold climate.

  2. Have you thought about teaching a plant based nutrition class? I would sign up immediately.

    So far the best thing I ate today was apple cinnamon oatmeal sweetened with a super ripe banana. For lunch I’m having leftover vegan ramen and I’m super excited about that! 🍜

  3. I’m so glad you recommended Ossea. I’ve been seriously neglecting my skin, and winter is the worst for me, but I haven’t had the mental energy to research brands. Definitely going to grab myself a few of their products. I swear, everything you said in this video hit home for me. Thanks for an amazing, inspirational video to start the new year. I’m going to prep some food for those nourish bowls throughout the week, and I’m really looking forward to your Norwegian meatball recipe!

  4. I have been eating your recipes for 9 months now and love them! I'm allergic to casein, eggs, and soy and I wanted to become mostly vegan to help feel better I still eat fish and honey but my only concern is that my hair is falling out now! I started eating meat again and the hair shedding has slowed down considerably 😒 Do you have any suggestions? I thought I was getting enough protein 😕

  5. A recent obsession of mine is to make buckwheat crepes (grind soaked buckwheat groats with 1:2 water and 1-2 tsp miso paste and cook on a nonstick skillet without oil). I add homemade hummus to the crepe and top with a romaine+ arugula salad (with assorted veggies) and avocado + lemon dressing and roasted chickpeas for garnish. The combo is so delicious – its unbelievable. Definitely a keeper for 2022.