What I ate to lose 42 lbs – high protein meals + easy snacks


This is what I ate to lose more than 40 lbs! I’m showing you some of my favorite high-protein healthy meals and snacks that I used to lose weight – these are really simple and easy to make, so they won’t take a lot of time. This is all gluten + dairy free, and I will show you vegan options for the 2 things that aren’t vegan. Everything else is plant-based!

Hope you enjoy!

Here are all the recipes on my blog (with calorie info):

00:00 – intro
01:13 – on the menu
02:05 – breakfast
03:20 – iced coffee
04:38 – lunch
06:34 – smoothie snack
08:17 – dinner
13:12 – hummus snack
14:35 – how to customize
15:31 – outro

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  1. Yes I really needed this. Im trying to lose weight and i just discovered i am lactose intolerant and i don’t digest gluten that well and also i am a Pescatarian so THIS IS PERFECT FOR ME!! Btw i follow you since forever, when you used yo live in south Africa and i just love your content. Your videos are so inspiring and versatile ❤

  2. Thank you for the recipes ❤ I have a better one for the green beans as it is my favourite one of veg, instead of tossing it straight away. Boil it first or steam it until it is tender for 10. 15 min until it’s completely tender, then drain it from water if boiled and put some olive oil in a frying pan and add diced garlic and parsley then add your beans and sautée everything together it’s deliciousss.❤

  3. Heyyyy! I have a question? So I want to loose some stomach fat but currently lifting weights to built lower body muscle so I need to hit my protine intake but want to loose stomach fat. Which calorie intake do you recommend to achieve both goals? By the way I love your videos and your very pretty as well😊❤️