Weight Loss Salad Recipe in Hindi | Easy Weight Loss Middle Eastern Rice Salad Recipe | FitBites


Weight Loss Salad Recipe in Hindi | Easy Weight Loss Middle Eastern Rice Salad Recipe | FitBites

Today’s recipe is “Middle Eastern Rice Salad”. Without any further adieu, let’s see how to make our Brown Rice Pulao.


1. Cooked Brown Rice – 1 cups
2. Boiled Chole/Chickpeas – 1 cup
3. Diced Onion – 1 medium
4. Chopped Dates – ½ cup
5. Oil or Ghee – 2 tsp
6. Cumin Seeds – ½ tsp
7. Ground Pepper/Pepper Powder – 1 tbsp
8. Parsley ( Either Fresh or seasoning) – 1 tbsp
9. Mint Chutney (Prepared at home)
10. Salt – as per taste
1. Take a pan ( non-stick preferably) & add very little amount of oil for coating the pan and put it on flame
2. Once oil is hot, put cumin seeds and till cumin crackles
3. Now, add onion and let it fry for a minute
4. After a minute add boiled chole, salt & pepper and stir for 2 min.
5. Add cooked brown rice & mix everything properly. Left it on low flame for 2 min.
6. After 2 minutes, switch off the flame, now add dates, parsley & mint chutney.
Benefits of Middle Eastern Rice Salad and How to consume it:
1. Instead of white rice, we are using brown rice, as they are whole grain and whole grains helps us a lot in weight loss as they are considered to be complex carbohydrates.
2. Brown rice only has 110 calories per ½ cup and 2 grams protein & fibers
3. Brown Rice is very good source of magnesium, phosphorous, thiamine, Vit-B6 & Niacin, it also has the smaller amount of iron and zinc.
4. Brown rice helps in weight loss, due to its low glycemic index, due to which blood sugar doesn’t spike quickly. Also, they are low in energy density, a cause of the fiber and water it contains.
5. Best time to consume is in lunch and breakfast or as a salad.
6. Chole/Chickpeas are a very great source to burn fat if consumed in a right way.
7. Half cup of chole/chickpeas has 2gm protein & fiber. It is a good hunger suppressant

Macros of Middle Eastern Rice Salad (per Servings of 100 gm):
Calories: 186 Cal
Protein: 4 g
Fat: 14.2 g
Carbohydrates: 67 g
Fiber: 8 g
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