Weight gain diet plan for diabetic patients in Hindi | Type 1 & 2 Diabetes me Vajan Kaise badhaye ?


How to gain weight in diabetes. Indian weight gain diet plan for diabetics.

Time Stamp in the video / This video talks about :
0:50 – Weight gain tips for diabetes
4:16 – Important cautions while following a weight gain diet plan in diabetes
5:00 – Sample of Indian diet plan for weight gain in diabetic patients.

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  1. Mam… Meri age 32 hai.. mujhe last year thode symptoms huye the…and then mujhe TB bhi ho gaya tha…tabhi mera weight kam ho gaya tha…aur main abhi patla hu…last time Feb 21 me mera fasting 111 tha…but ab mera fasting 194 aur pp 368 hai…kya karun…abhi medicine le raha hu…